The Definitive Guide To Variant Hulks Of Marvel’s Multiverse

By Michileen Martin | Published

All the Hulk variants from across the Multiverse

Bruce Banner may not have his own Hulk-Verse series of movies, but Earth’s mightiest mortal nevertheless can brag just as many interesting variants across the Multiverse as Spider-Man. Sometimes they’re not Banner, sometimes they’re not one of his usual colors (green, gray, and red), and at least one of them is, well… a bunny rabbit. Here are the variant Hulks of Marvel’s Multiverse!

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The Maestro (Earth-9200)

In the bleak future of Earth-9200, after multiple nuclear wars, an evil and deranged version of the Hulk calling himself The Maestro rules over what little is left of humanity. In the miniseries Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect, the Earth-616 Hulk goes forward in time and ultimately kills The Maestro. Nevertheless, the villain continues to pop up in subsequent series like Secret WarsContest of Champions, and Old Man Logan.

Hulk, Pet of King Thanos (Earth-TRN666)

In 2017’s Thanos #14, Marvel visits the reality of Earth-TRN666, in which Thanos slaughtered almost all of Earth’s heroes. One of the only ones left alive is the Hulk, who King Thanos keeps as a pet. This Hulk regularly begs Thanos to kill him, and he is surrounded by the bones of old allies who he was forced to devour.

Peter Parker Hulk (Earth-70105)

In the alternate narrative created in the 2006 miniseries Bullet Points — written by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski — Peter Parker and Bruce Banner switch places. Parker becomes that world’s Hulk, while Banner becomes Spider-Man. Not long after killing Earth-70105’s Steve Rogers, the Parker Hulk sacrifices himself to stop the world-eating Galactus.

Space: Punisher Hulk (Earth-12091)

In one of the most criminally underrated gems in Marvel Comics history, the 2012 miniseries Space: Punisher, the reality of Earth-12091 proves to be much more darkly humorous than that of Earth-616. The Hulk of Space: Punisher is much larger than his 616 counterpart, has four arms, no genitals, and a long kill list that includes his universe’s Fantastic Four. Punisher manages to escape his one, brief battle with this Hulk, but Deadpool and Sabretooth aren’t as lucky.

Hulk of Old Man Logan (Earth-807128)

In the world of Mark Millar’s fan-favorite “Old Man Logan,” after the supervillains kill off most of the rest of their world’s super powered heroes, the Hulk kills his old enemy Abomination and seizes control of California from him. Driven insane, this Hulk forces his cousin to mate with him, creating a large “Hulk Gang” of gamma-powered offspring who murder Logan’s family. The aged Wolverine succeeds in killing Banner by ripping himself out of the Hulk after the latter eats the mutant.

Bruce (Earth-21923)

In a world much like that of “Old Man Logan,” Wolverine — like his Earth-807128 counterpart — takes Banner’s still young child to raise himself. On Earth-21923, he leaves the young Bruce in the care of Danielle Cage (daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones), but is reunited with him Dead Man Logan.

Bruce is a young man of very few words, but he makes it clear often that he inherited Bruce Banner’s intelligence. He becomes a hero after the death of Old Man Logan, in the miniseries Avengers of the Wastelands.

Age of X Hulk (Earth-11326)

In a world in which the X-Men never became a team, things between mutants and humanity are worse than ever. That goes double for Age of X‘s unhinged version of Bruce Banner, who blames mutants for the deaths he’s caused as the Hulk.

The Thaddeus Ross Gray Hulk (Earth-523000)

Three years before he would become the Red Hulk in Marvel Comics’ primary narrative, the Earth-523000 version of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross replaces Bruce Banner as the first person to be turned into the gray Hulk in What If General Ross Had Become the Hulk? #1. His time as the Hulk is short, however. After he inadvertently kills his own daughter Betty, the Ross Hulk changes back to human form and does nothing to stop Bruce Banner when the scientist shoots him in the head.

Hulk Bunny (Earth-8311)

Hailing from the same variant Earth as Spider-Ham, Hulk Bunny is the alter-ego of Dr. Bruce Bunny. In both Hulk Bunny and Spider-Ham’s debut in Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 — which also sees the first appearances of Captain Americat and Goose Rider — Hulk Bunny battles the titular pig as well as Captain Americat.

Skulk (Earth-9602)

Earth-9602 is the fictional home of the short-lived Amalgalm Comics, whose stories mashed up DC and Marvel characters — e.g. Captain America and Superman become Super-Soldier, Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate become Doctor StrangeFate, Batman and Wolverine become Darkclaw. In the case of the Hulk, he’s combined with DC’s Solomon Grundy to become Skulk.

Rick Jones Hulk (Earth-7812)

The Earth-616 Rick Jones has shouldered gamma powered alter-egos, but in 1978’s What If? #12 we meet a much different version of the Rick Jones Hulk. This one replaces Banner as the Hulk, and having a 1970s teenager share headspace with the Hulk leads to such hilarious lines as “Hulk feels groovy again!” and “Hulk feels kinda weird — like Hulk is freakin’ out!”

The Hulk of The End (Earth-2081)

Over the years Marvel has published “The End” comics for its marquee characters, meaning to chronicle the very last story of each franchise. The first of these comics was 2002’s Incredible Hulk: The End in which Bruce Banner and his green alter ego are the last sentient organic creatures on Earth. The Hulk resists Banner’s constant attempts at suicide and wages a losing war against his only enemies left — a massive swarm of mutated cockroaches.

Hulk of Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)

Neil Gaiman’s first work with the company, Marvel 1602, featured the royal adviser David Banner, but he doesn’t suffer his first transformation into the Hulk until the very end of the series. Thankfully, future Planet Hulk writer Greg Pak gives the 17th century version of the Hulk a bit more time to shine in the sequel series 1602: New World.

Little Monster (Warp World)

Rather than an alternate universe, Scott Banner aka Little Monster is from the pocket universe Warp World in which every two Marvel characters is combined to create a new person. In the case of Little Monster, he’s a mash-up of the Hulk and Ant-Man. He still has super strength, but he’s also able to do things like travel through someone’s blood stream.

House of M Hulk (House of M)

When the Scarlet Witch created a new reality in House of M in which everyone received their deepest desire, Bruce Banner found himself living away from civilization and with a tribe of indigenous Australians. So it’s Hulk who takes on the likes of the Vanisher, Exodus, Pyro, and Unus the Untouchable when Magneto’s forces begin dialing up their persecution of the humans down under.

The Thing (Earth-295)

On the same world where the events of the fan-favorite Age of Apocalypse story unfolded, Bruce Banner still gained the power to transform into a hulking monster, but instead of the Hulk, he became known as the Thing. Like his Earth-616 counterpart, The Thing went back and forth between greenskin and gray. He’s ultimately killed by Weapon Omega.

Hulk 2099 (Earth-928)

The same alternate universe that gave us Spider-Man 2099 turned film studio shark John Eisenhart into the Hulk of 2099. Looking like a massive offspring of the original Hulk, one of the xenomorphs from Aliens, and Venom, Hulk 2099 swore to protect the people of Los Angeles, and often found himself clashing with the cyborg Draco.

Heroes Reborn Hulk (Counter-Earth)

Bruce Banner was one of the many heroes “reborn” into a pocket universe subconsciously created by Franklin Richards. During the short life of the Heroes Reborn comics, Hulk clashed even more often with rivals in the Avengers and Fantastic Four. He also notably had much longer hair, and was known to fight completely naked.

Greenskyn Smashtroll (Eurth)

Eurth is a medieval version of Earth-616 created by the Shaper of Worlds in 2000’s Avataars: Covenant of the Shield miniseries, and Eurth’s answer to the Hulk is the alcoholic Greenskyn Smashtroll. Physically the mightiest of the Champions of the Realm, the troll nevertheless has a love/hate relationship with the other heroes, who too often interrupt his drinking.

Breaker-Apart (Earth-TRN781)

In 2019’s Immortal Hulk #25, we see a possible future in which Bruce Banner’s soul is annihilated and his body is possessed by the One Below All. The result is the Breaker-Apart: a cosmic engine of destruction capable of destroying worlds with a single strike.

Monk (Earth-11542)

The 2011 miniseries 5 Ronin featured feudal-era Japan versions of Marvel heroes, and the second issue gives us a peace-loving character referred to only as “Monk.” The Monk never literally turns into a green, gray, or red skinned monster. But when he finally turns to violence to protect innocents, a monstrous side of himself emerges that is incapable of defeat.

The Infernal Hulk (Earth-11638)

On Earth-11638, Bruce Banner became the Sorcerer Supreme and used his magic, rather than science, to cure himself of the Hulk. Banner used his new mystic abilities to split the Hulk from him and to banish the monster to Hell. Unfortunately, the Hulk gains more demonic power in the underworld, and emerges as the Infernal Hulk.

The Hulks of Greenland (Battleworld)

During the 2015-16 event Secret Wars, all of reality is remade into the patchwork planet Battleworld whose nations were mostly based on past Marvel storylines. This included Greenland, the home of prehistoric monsters and tribes of Savage Hulks (and She-Hulks) of green, gray, and red skin.

The Exiled Hulk (Earth-2713)

In What If? Planet Hulk #1, rather than Sakaar, the Hulk lands on the peaceful planet the Illuminati meant to send him to. As a result, he becomes something of a legend and a god to the people of the planet, whose evolution into a sentient species he oversees during his very long life.

MC-2 Hulk (Earth-982)

In the same possible future that saw the creation of Spider-Girl, Bruce Banner gained control of his green-skinned half and retired from world-saving. Still, that doesn’t stop Doctor Strange from occasionally summoning him and Namor the Sub-Mariner to help him as the Defenders.

Kaiju Hulk (Earth-2301)

When Marvel launched its short-lived Mangaverse, it included a Godzilla-sized Hulk with a mean looking horn jutting out of his chin. He was last seen wandering the Ten Realms, making short work of Frost Giants, Fenris, and even Jormungandr the World Serpent.

Hulk of The Last Avengers Story (Earth-9511)

In The Last Avengers Story, the Hulk returns from a quest in Olympus changed. During a battle with Ultron, the Avengers find out just how changed he is when he switches sides and murders Tigra. The Hulk and Wonder Man fight a brutal battle, and when the Hulk’s punches releases his foe’s ionic energy, Wonder Man lets it all loose, killing them both.

Earth X Hulk (Earth-9997)

In the miniseries Earth X, when all of humanity is mutated, Banner and his alter-ego experience a dramatic change. The two are separated physically with the Hulk becoming a massive ape and Banner blinded and trapped in the body of a child. The two are psychically linked, with the Hulk following Banner’s commands.

Duck Island Hulk (Earth-9722)

This long-haired version of the Hulk lives in an alternate universe in which, after killing The Maestro, he stayed in the dystopian future to rebuild the slain villain’s victims. In 1997’s Incredible Hulk #453, he and the Earth-616 Hulk clash after the latter takes Duck Island hostage. In the middle of the fight he’s transported away from Earth-616 and hasn’t been seen there again.

Big Town Hulk (Earth-110)

In the 2000-1 miniseries Big Town, a gray-skinned Hulk with an unstable level of intelligence is part of a collective of villains determined to kill Reed Richards. He counts among his allies Magneto, Doctor Doom, Ultron, and Namor, though the miniseries ends with the heroes victorious against Hulk and his allies.

Zombie Hulk (Earth-2149)

In the alternate universe where most of Earth’s heroes have been transformed into zombies, the Hulk is one of the most powerful. The zombie Hulk of Earth-2149 not only bites Silver Surfer’s head off when the herald arrives on Earth, but later crushes the head of Thanos.

Ultimate Hulk (Earth-1610)

In the Ultimate universe, like in the MCU, Bruce Banner is transformed into the Hulk as part of his research into recreating the super soldier serum. At different times a member of the Ultimates and an enemy of all humanity, the Ultimate Hulk tends to tear through heroes like tissue paper.