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  • Created By: Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster
  • First Appearance: Action Comics #1
  • Debut: April 18, 1938
  • Owner: DC

A number of greats have donned the red cape and capital “S” to play Superman on the big screen and small screen.

These include iconic performances and ones that may have been given another chance as well.

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Superman has been featured in a number of different movie franchises, and the character is set to get a reset in the DC Cinematic Universe as well.

In addition to Superman’s long run on the big screen, there have been a number of different television series over the years featuring our favorite Kryptonian.

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Superman Television News

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Smallville Treats One Lead Character Worse Than Anyone And It’s Just Bad Writing

When Lana Lang made her small screen debut in the Superman spin-off series, Smallville, the character was introduced as the quintessential …

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tom welling smallville

Smallville Deserves A Superman Legacy On Par With Christopher Reeve

This article does not intend to knock the great Christopher Reeve off his well-established pedestal. Instead, it is meant to …

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Superman vinyl

The Greatest Superhero Classic Soundtrack Gets A Must-Buy Release

Mondo is re-releasing its immensely popular Superman: The Movie double LP and Graphic Novel Box Set. As promised during its initial unveiling …

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Chris Pratt Confirms DCU Appearance

With James Gunn going from directing Marvel movies to directing DC movies, it feels like an erosion of the brand …

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The Nathan Fillion Superhero Comedy DC Fans Must Revisit Before Superman

Nathan Fillion is set to appear in James Gunn’s Superman next year, in which he’ll be playing Guy Gardner. If …

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james gunn dcu

Everyone Gets Superman’s Weakness To Magic Wrong

Kryptonite is one of the only surefire ways to hurt Superman, but, believe it or not, magic works too. Does …

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lois lane

James Gunn Must Save One DC Character From The Snyderverse Ruining Them

With the Snyderverse over and James Gunn’s DCU coming soon, I can’t help but reflect on the Snyderverse’s version of …

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Chris Pine Shocked At Canceled Sequel

When 2017’s Wonder Woman came out, it seemed DC had finally found a character they could rely on to carry …

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Henry Cavill’s Superman Meets His Replacement, See the Confrontation

David Corenswet and Henry Cavill’s respective versions of Supermen just met in a fantastic piece of Superman fan art, though, …

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James Gunn Superman Costume Continues Disappointing Tradition

By now, you’ve probably seen the image floating around of David Corenswet wearing the new James Gunn Superman costume. Sadly …

2 weeks ago

James Gunn’s DC Cinematic Universe Will Never Happen

While it had some high points (like Wonder Woman and The Suicide Squad), the DCEU also had some serious stinkers …

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superman: legacy

David Corenswet Superman Revealed In The Perfect First Look

Have no fear; David Corenswet’s Superman is here. James Gunn finally gives us a look at Corenswet in his full …

2 weeks ago

neil degrasse tyson 1

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Appeared In A Superman Story For The Nerdiest Reason

Superstar (no pun intended) astrophysicist and director of New York City’s Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson has done a great …

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henry cavill star trek
james gunn henry cavill

James Gunn Addresses Henry Cavill Superman Conspiracy Theory

James Gunn has addressed a conspiracy theory claiming that the director was behind the firing of Henry Cavill from his …

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James Gunn Bringing Obscure DC Hero To Superman Is The Best Thing

A recent Instagram post from James Gunn has reignited rumors that Krypto the Superdog will be appearing in next year’s …

3 weeks ago

Zack Snyder Supporting James Gunn During DCU Change

Not only is Zack Snyder looking forward to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s reboot of the DCU, but the Man …

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James Gunn krypto

James Gunn Teases Fan-Favorite DC Character For Superman

James Gunn has sent a cryptic message to fans of Superman across the globe with his latest social media post. …

4 weeks ago


James Gunn Superman Can Never Be As Awful As This ‘90s Embarrassment

Fans are worried about James Gunn’s new Superman movie. With all the Henry Cavill fans sour about their Superman being …

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henry cavill

DC Ruined Henry Cavill’s Hollywood Career

After all the mistakes and misfortunes that befell the DCEU, it’s hard to argue anyone involved with the movies came …

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Marvel And DC Can Save Both Franchises With The Move Everyone Wants

I don’t know about you, but I feel like nothing the MCU or DC do with their movies feels like …

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james gunn superman

James Gunn Cancels His Other Superman Sequel

Five years after James Gunn teased fans about a sequel to Brightburn film, the filmmaker has changed course, essentially putting …

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fantastic four cast

Supergirl Feels Way More Exciting Than Superman For The DCU

While Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time, it’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow that has me excited for …

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lois lane

Does Lois Lane Really Love Superman?

The romance between DC Comic’s Lois Lane and Superman has always been portrayed as the epitome of true love. However, …

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tom holland

Smallville Writers Making Spider-Man Series For Prime Video?

In the annual spirit of April Fool’s, the beloved Superman fan site, Kryptonsite, decided to weave an elaborate web of …

2 months ago

The Classic Anime That Took The Greatest Inspiration From Superman Is Not The One You Think

What’s the classic anime that took its inspiration from Superman, the greatest superhero of all time? It’s tempting to say …

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superhero costumes

Modern Superheroes Need To Take Inspiration From Christopher Reeve’s Superman Costume

When I first saw the symbol for James Gunn’s new Superman, I sighed. Not because I don’t like the design–Kingdom …

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