See Billy Zane As Superman’s Father In Uncanny Set Photo

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Titanic and The Phantom star, Billy Zane, is sharing the love with Superman fans as the actor took to his Instagram account to post a behind-the-scenes image on the set of his latest film, Waltzing with Brando. While Zane may not be joining James Gunn’s ever-growing call sheet of A-list names for the filmmaker’s upcoming 2025 feature, Superman, he will be playing Marlon Brando playing Kal-El’s father, Jor-El, in the 1978 Richard Donner-helmed flick of the same name. 

Waltzing With Brando

Billy Zane Superman

The shot in question sees Billy Zane sitting as still as possible while the makeup team behind Waltzing with Brando covers him with the necessary hair pieces and eyebrows to fully embody the character played by the iconic actor in Superman. His hair is as white as a ghost, the same tone that Brando donned when he played the scientist and father of Superman who would ensure his son’s safety by sending him to Earth before Krypton’s destruction. In the caption, Zane gives a shout-out to his supporters as well as those redirected to his social media to check out his take on Brando’s Jor-El.

Playin’ The Dude, Disguised As Another Dude

From what we know so far about the plot of Waltzing with Brando, Billy Zane may be posting more iconic looks like his makeover into Brando’s Superman character as the film will follow the actor’s life in the ‘60s and ‘70s when he was working on such titles as The Godfather, Last Tango in Paris, and, of course, Superman. What we’re saying is that yes, there is a solid chance that Zane will give his followers a sneak peek treat of him decked out in full Vito Corleone attire.

A Simpler Time For Marlon Brando

Aside from Billy Zane portraying Marlon Brando in movies like Superman and The Godfather, the heart of Waltzing with Brando’s story is something many wouldn’t suspect. While the stories that could be told from the sets where Brando earned his Hollywood status could be a movie all unto themselves, this feature comes from Bernard Judge’s memoir, Waltzing with Brando: Planning a Paradise in Tahiti. Recalling a simpler time with the legendary star, Judge, an architect, looks back on his years with Brando spent building a private vacation spot in Tahiti.

Richard Donner’s Superman

Marlon Brando in Superman 1978

While it may be a classic piece of cinema now, with Billy Zane’s new movie even paying homage to the title, Richard Donner’s Superman was a pain in the neck for the production team from start to finish. Not the studio’s first choice for a helmer, Donner struggled to find common ground with his bosses but eventually put out one of the most beloved films of all time. Along with Brando, the feature also saw Christopher Reeve in the role of Clark Kent aka Superman, Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, and Margot Kidder as Lois Lane.

Upcoming Billy Zane Outings

As for Billy Zane’s other irons in the fire, the actor is also tied to two other films coming out in the near future – Dylan K. Narang’s comedy feature Tapawingo and Greg Jonkajtys’ Takeover. While we wait for more updates about Billy Zane’s time on the set of Waltzing with Brando, we encourage you to feast your eyes on the actor dipping into the most silver fox role of them all in Superman.