The Greatest Superhero Classic Soundtrack Gets A Must-Buy Release

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

Superman vinyl

Mondo is re-releasing its immensely popular Superman: The Movie double LP and Graphic Novel Box Set. As promised during its initial unveiling at New York Comic Con in 2023, the previously sold-out collection is now available to a wider audience. The exclusive Metropolis Swirl Vinyl variant will be available on May 8 for $65.00.

The Re-Release

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John Williams’ iconic Superman score is pressed onto two 140-gram vinyl records, featuring artwork by DKNG and liner notes by Michael Matessino. Encased in a clamshell adorned with new artwork by Joe Quinones and Paolo Rivera, the box set also includes DC’s Superman ’78, written by Robert Venditti, with pencil work by Wilfredo Torres and inking by Jordie Bellaire.

The Search For A Composer

Jerry Goldsmith, known for scoring The Omen, was initially chosen to compose the music for Superman. Some of his earlier work from Planet of the Apes was even used in the teaser trailer for Superman. However, due to conflicting schedules, Goldsmith had to step down, and John Williams was brought in instead. Williams conducted the London Symphony Orchestra for the soundtrack.

An Academy Nod

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Williams’ iconic “Theme from Superman (Main Title)” became a standalone hit (which appears on the vinyl), reaching modest positions on the U.S. music charts. Williams appreciated the film’s lighthearted approach and theatricality. Originally, actress Margot Kidder was meant to sing “Can You Read My Mind?” with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. 

However, director Richard Donner wasn’t fond of this idea and opted for a musical composition accompanied by a voiceover instead. John Williams’ Superman score earned him an Academy Award nomination, though he lost to Giorgio Moroder’s score for Midnight Express. The soundtrack underwent various releases and re-recordings over the years.

Superman II

There have been various expanded editions and boxed sets made available to fans, including a comprehensive eight-CD set in 2008 and a three-disc set for the film’s 40th anniversary in 2019. The re-released Superman: The Movie double LP and Graphic Novel Box Set is a treasure trove for fans hoping to own a piece of Superman vinyl memorabilia that captures the essence of the original film.

While the original Superman: The Movie vinyl soundtrack by John Williams is iconic, other Superman movie soundtracks have also played a significant role in enhancing the cinematic experience of the superhero franchise. Released in 1980, Superman II, the sequel to the original film, featured a soundtrack composed by Ken Thorne, building upon John Williams’ themes from the first movie.

Superman III

Superman III, released in 1983, introduced a new vinyl composer, Ken Thorne, who continued to incorporate elements of John Williams’ original score while adding his own touch to the music. In 2006, Superman Returns hit theaters with John Ottman composing the soundtrack for the film. He blended new themes with motifs from John Williams’ score to create a sense of continuity with the original Superman music.

The Man of Steel soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer for the 2013 Superman film and was released by WaterTower Music and Sony Classical Records. The soundtrack features a departure from John Williams’ iconic Superman March that was used in previous films. Instead, Zimmer created a new musical score to distinguish the film.

Source: Superman Homepage