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The Intense Streaming Drama That Will Give You PTSD

Movies have always had the power to inspire great feelings of personal resonance from viewers across the world, making us …

5 days ago

8 mile

Gritty Inner City Drama On Streaming Is An Oscar Winner With One Of Music’s Biggest Stars Ever

These days, Detroit rapper Eminem is best known for delivering jilted, shouty performances on poorly-produced rap songs and throwing numerous …

1 week ago

Superman vinyl

The Greatest Superhero Classic Soundtrack Gets A Must-Buy Release

Mondo is re-releasing its immensely popular Superman: The Movie double LP and Graphic Novel Box Set. As promised during its initial unveiling …

2 weeks ago

Eminem slim shady

Eminem Is Killing Slim Shady

Eminem is dropping a new album called The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce). Announced on April 25, the …

1 month ago

star wars rogue squadron

The Best Star Wars Pilot Even Cooler Than You Thought

While the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy ended up being a big pile of Bantha poodoo, Oscar Isaac was one of …

1 month ago

Back to Black Can’t Beat Powerful Max Documentary Every Fan Must See

I was not a fan of Amy Winehouse before I saw the documentary about her life, Amy, in 2015. Sure, …

1 month ago

Wynonna Judd Daughter Arrested For Prostitution

Grace Kelley, the daughter of country music legend Wynonna Judd, was arrested for prostitution on April 5. The 27-year-old, who …

2 months ago

Beloved K-Pop Star Dead At 30

A beloved South Korean K-Pop star has died today. Singer Park Boram’s death was reported by several Korean media outlets …

2 months ago

john carpenter

John Carpenter Keeps Rocking At Almost 80 Years Old, Check Out His Latest Jam

John Carpenter, along with collaborators Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter, has released a new track from his upcoming album Lost Themes …

2 months ago

Pink Floyd Contest Won By AI, Controversy Takes Over Beloved Fan Art Event

Controversy has surrounded the Pink Floyd animation contest, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the album Dark Side of …

2 months ago

Song Lyrics Actually Are Getting Worse, New Study Reveals Exactly How

Much to the chagrin of avid music lovers everywhere, a recent study of song lyrics (over a range of genres) …

2 months ago

Tina Fey’s New Netflix Sitcom Is Every 30 Rock Fan’s Dream Come True

Girls5eva, the comedy series that many have dubbed the spiritual successor to 30 Rock, has recently made the leap to …

2 months ago

the vince staples show

Provocative Netflix Series Severely Underrated And Deserves Your Attention

As the hip hop genre continues to dominate the music world, many popular rappers have found creative ways to expand …

3 months ago

Michael Jackson Willy Wonka

The Michael Jackson Willy Wonka Album You’ll Never Hear

With 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder became synonymous with the role of Willy Wonka. While 2005’s …

3 months ago

Hotel California Lyrics Trial Takes Shocking Turn

Legendary rock band The Eagles made an appearance in a New York courtroom after withdrawing their charges in a bizarre …

3 months ago

Beyonce Hit Song Sounds Like Children’s TV Show Theme

Pretty much any song Beyonce releases becomes a massive hit and her recent country tune “Texas Hold ‘Em,” is no …

3 months ago

The Beatles Are Each Getting Their Own Biopic From James Bond Director

It feels like every great band or musician has gotten the biopic treatment except for one very noticeable exception: The …

3 months ago

Superman’s Dad Calls Beyonce A Peeing Dog

If you are up on your latest music news, then you are probably aware that Beyonce has marked a bold …

3 months ago

star trek music

New Star Trek Defeats Classic Trek In One Important Way

Among Star Trek fans, there is a constant debate about whether things like the Kelvinverse movies or NuTrek TV shows …

3 months ago

ridley scott

Ridley Scott Directing Biopic of Iconic 70s Band

Musician biopics have endured as a genre for decades, drawing high-end talent and critical praise. Even so, it seems strange …

3 months ago

on the roam

The Max Travel Series With A DC Star Inspires You To Dream Big

Jason Momoa’s On the Roam docuseries just got picked up for a second season on Max, and you’re going to …

3 months ago

disney Taylor Swift

Disney Gives Taylor Swift $75 Million For Streaming Exclusive

Disney has secured the exclusive streaming rights to Taylor Swift’s electrifying concert film, The Eras Tour, for a whopping $75 …

4 months ago


The Most Hated Netflix Documentary Deserves A Second Chance

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster is one of those documentaries that is revered for its masterful storytelling and willingness to …

4 months ago

michael jackson

Michael Jackson Biopic Finds The Young King Of Pop

Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson was cast to play the adults Michael Jackson in an upcoming film, but there was some …

4 months ago

Amy Winehouse Biopic Brings Tragic Star To Life In Stunning Video

StudioCanal and Monumental Pictures released a new trailer for Back to Black, the biopic of the late singer Amy Winehouse. …

5 months ago

Michael Bolton’s Health Reveal And Emergency Surgery Causes Fans Concern

Legendary pop-rock singer Michael Bolton has canceled all upcoming tour dates, and for good reason. Upon the sudden discovery of …

5 months ago

Elvis AI Concert Sounds Like A Nightmare

Prepare to cringe: Elvis Presley, the King of rock ‘n’ roll, will soon stage a comeback—if you consider a jarring …

5 months ago