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alanis morissette

Alanis Morissette Is Furious With HBO

Alanis Morissette is not happy with HBO or the director of an upcoming documentary.

3 years ago

kate hudson

Kate Hudson Shows Off Her Legs In Sexy New Photo

Kate Hudson unveils a gorgeous pair of legs in this Instagram photo.

3 years ago

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black Just Released One Of The Steamiest, Sexiest Videos Of The Year

Rebecca Black became famous for Friday. A decade later, she has an entirely new video and look.

3 years ago


Star Wars Swaps Soundtracks With Star Trek And Avengers 2 Encounters Celine Dion

Music matters when it comes to movies. Like, a lot. That truth was brilliantly demonstrated by that video a while …

10 years ago

music tattoo

This Tattoo Project Turns Body Art Into Music

I’ve always considered tattoos to be art, just never multimedia art, until now. Russian artist Dmitry Morozov, also known as …

10 years ago


This Lego Machine Plays Electronic Music

What do you get when you put Lego blocks and electronic music together? Sheer awesomeness, of course. That was a …

10 years ago

Gloves That Turn Movement Into Music

There’s lots of cool wearable technology out there, but these gloves that convert hand movements into music are my favorites …

10 years ago

MIDI sprout

Make Music From Your Houseplants

I’m obsessed with plants. My old roommate used to complain that our house looked like a jungle, but I never …

10 years ago


Robots Make Rock Music With 22 Arms And 78 Fingers

Welcome to the jungle. We’ve got fun and games, like Robot Charades and airings of Jeopardy with IBM’s Watson on …

10 years ago


Almost Human: Can We Talk About This Show’s Amazing Music For A Second?

Another reason to love Almost Human.

10 years ago

Guy Hoffman’s TED Talk Tackles The Task Of Making Robots Seem More Human

Even though it’s in the title of this TED Talk, “souls” is a bit misleading. What roboticist, musician, and actor …

10 years ago

pitch capture

Want Perfect Pitch? Try Popping A Pill

Singing is not my forte. I love to do it when I’m speeding down the road, windows down, with no …

10 years ago

Wireless MP3 Player Earbuds Controlled With Your Teeth

I used to be one of those people that said, “I’m perfectly happy wearing these earphones that cover my entire …

11 years ago

Robot Musicians Perform in Brooklyn, Threatening Local Hipster Population

Move over, hipsters. Your ranks are about to be infiltrated. And all those girls you get playing the guitar? You’re …

11 years ago

Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick’s Favorite Writing Music Gets A Playlist

All writers I know—and all artists, I presume—have their to-go inspirational writing music. I have countless playlists in iTunes for …

11 years ago

An Astronaut And A Barenaked Lady Perform Space/Earth Duet

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has to be one of the most savvy guys out there, and considering he’s on the International …

11 years ago

The Downton Files: A Musical Mash-up

There aren’t really many areas of overlap between British period drama Downton Abbey and Chris Carter’s The X-Files. Downton Abbey …

12 years ago