Late Rapper DMX Works To Rebuild His Career In Documentary Trailer

By James Brizuela | 12 seconds ago

dmx music video

DMX passed away on April 9th, 2021. His death was felt all around the world, and those of the hip-hop community that knew him well. Now the world will get to see a deeper side of DMX in a brand new documentary about his life beginning in 2019 when he had been released from prison. The documentary is entitled, DMX: Don’t Try to Understand.

DMX had slipped out of the spotlight back in 2017. Earl Simmons aka DMX evaded his taxes for half a dozen years, ultimately failing to pay $1.7 million in taxes. This led to his arrest and subsequent prison time from 2018-2019. The new documentary follows DMX as he tries to regain his stardom after his prison sentence. The trailer shows a much more vulnerable side of him that the public has likely not seen before. Even with the fallout of money owed, it appears that DMX was still on a mission to touch people’s lives.

DMX died in April due to complications from asthma that led to a heart attack which left the rapper in a coma. Although he had his trials with drug abuse, the reports stated that he had passed away due to those asthma complications. There is no telling how much deeper the documentary will go, but it is likely to touch on these complications and the rapper’s untimely death.

When DMX died, there was an outpouring from the world of music and beyond. The trailer frames the documentary as one that will portray the rapper as an artist struggling to be himself throughout his journey of stardom and failures. Parts of the trailer show the man dealing with the hardships of life in the spotlight, as it pertains to the money he owed and prison time he dealt with, and how he attempts to reconnect with his family and friends.

The documentary is set to follow DMX’s life back into the touring circuit a short time after he is released from prison but also shows his journey to try and touch as many lives as he can on the way. There seems to be a moment where he is speaking to the youth of America in a very touching situation that involves crying and hugging.

DMX: Don’t Try to Understand is directed by Christopher Frierson and produced by Bill Simmons, who famously worked on the documentary Andre the Giant as well as Showbiz Kids. With such great talent behind this documentary, there will likely be a ton of newfound respect and admiration for DMX. The documentary is slated to arrive on November 25th at 8 PM on HBO Max. Perfect timing for all the world to be done with eating tons of food on Thanksgiving and ready to binge-watch something on TV. Nothing says family time like a documentary about one of the most legendary rappers that have ever lived.