Wynonna Judd Daughter Arrested For Prostitution

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Grace Kelley, the daughter of country music legend Wynonna Judd, was arrested for prostitution on April 5. The 27-year-old, who is used to wearing handcuffs at this point, was arrested in Millbrook, Alabama, on charges of indecent exposure and obstructing governmental operations, in addition to the charges of soliciting prostitution. According to Police Chief P.K. Johnson, Kelley is a lost cause.

Wyonna Judd’s Daughter Is Well Known To Police

Police received several calls on the day of the arrest describing a woman at the intersection of I-65 and Highway 14 holding a sign that read “A Ride for a Ride” while exposing her breasts and other private parts to passing drivers. When confronted by officers, Grace Kelley reportedly argued about the legality of her actions, insisting that offering herself in exchange for rides was not an arrestable offense.

Her initial argument seemed to work because the police did not arrest her at that time. However, subsequent calls led law enforcement back to the area, where they found Grace Kelley causing a disturbance at a nearby gas station. Kelley took off before the police arrived, but she was found a short while later back at her intersection with the sign still in hand.

Multiple Charges In One Night

The charges against Grace Kelley, including indecent exposure, obstructing governmental operations, and soliciting prostitution, are all misdemeanors. As of now, she remains in Elmore County jail on a $3,000 bond related to the newest charge.

For those who have been following Grace Kelley’s journey, the arrest isn’t a surprise. Her trouble with the law goes back years, mostly relating to drug-related issues. 

History Of Trouble With The Law

In 2016, Grace Kelley was arrested for involvement in the production, sale, and distribution of methamphetamine, resulting in an initial eight-year prison sentence. However, a plea deal led to a suspended sentence and court-ordered rehabilitation, which Kelley subsequently left early. But she didn’t change her ways as the court might have hoped, and was arrested for parole violations.

Grace Kelley’s most recent release from jail was in October 2023 from Putnam County Jail.

Family Has Tried Everything

Chief Johnson expressed doubt regarding any recent communication between Grace Kelley’s mother, Wynonna Judd, and law enforcement regarding her daughter’s situation. But he did mention a conversation with Kelley’s father, indicating that efforts to help her have likely been exhausted without success.

“I have dealt with parents in this situation who don’t have the means that these people do,” Johnson said regarding his experience with people in similar situations to Grace Kelley. “But I don’t think it’s as much about as, what are they going to do? Sometimes it’s about what have they already done to help.” Johnson went on to say how he “got the feeling” from talking with Kelley’s father, that her family has already tried everything they can to help her, suggesting that he considered Kelley to be a lost cause.

While Grace Kelley was not found with any substances or paraphernalia during her latest arrest, Chief Johnson suspects that the influence of drugs caused her behavior.

Grace Kelley’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 25.