Stream The Best Lady Gaga Performance Before Joker 2

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Updated

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If you’ve caught the latest buzz, you know Lady Gaga will be playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. No matter how you feel about that movie or Lady Gaga in general, you cannot deny that there’s just something incredibly magnetic about her. An excellent example of the charisma Lady Gaga has can be witnessed in A Star Is Born. And you can stream it on Max now.

A Star Is Born Has Been Made And Remade Multiple Times

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Long before Lady Gaga was even a blip in her parent’s eyes, A Star Is Born had been created, recreated, and remade again. There was a 1951 movie, one in 1954, and then, perhaps the most famous, the 1976 version with Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand.

In fact, the movie had been so overdone that when Director Bradley Cooper went to Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder for help developing his character and his singing voice, Vedder admonished him, “Man, don’t make this film.” Cooper persisted and got Vedder to help him. He even got Sam Elliott to agree to play his older brother. 

Lady Gaga Carries The Latest Version

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But it was Lady Gaga who made A Star Is Born what it is, which is so much different from the previous versions and worthy of an Oscar for Best Original Song. For those who haven’t caught a single version of this film, its focus is on the making of a young, budding, hopeful singer who falls in love with an older, famous musician.

Cooper plays Jackson Maine, an alcoholic country rock singer who accidentally stumbles into a drag bar one night after a show and happens to catch Gaga’s Ally performing “La Vie En Rose.” He’s mesmerized, and they end up spending the night discussing music

Similar To Gaga’s Story

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What makes Lady Gaga so great in A Star Is Born, I think, is that Ally’s story is so similar to her own. She struggled to be discovered early in her singing/songwriting career. She was a “nobody,” and it took her finding her own identity to finally break out, and she had to go to Europe first to do it.

Ally experiences a similar trajectory, though with the help of a huge star. We watch as she discovers who she is as a famous musician all while witnessing Jackson’s descent into a dark abyss of addiction. And while the ending is tragic, the acting and directing throughout are so powerful that you’re willing to take the bad with the good. 

Lady Gaga Is One Of The Hardest Workers In Hollywood

Lady Gaga is a fabulous singer and songwriter, without a doubt. You can watch the documentaries that reveal her behind-the-scenes experiences and the grueling work she puts into her shows. She is beloved around the world for a very good reason.

She has also come to be known as a kind of mother of all “freaks.” She makes the misfits feel like they belong, like they’re not alone, like they deserve love, too. Lady Gaga developed this relationship long before she began her acting career in A Star Is Born.  

Streaming On Max

But it is this film that really showcases the fullness and the depth of her natural qualities. She really is a star. And Bradley Cooper is nothing to sneeze at. I encourage everyone to watch Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born on Max again and again until you can’t get her songs out of your head.