Beloved K-Pop Star Dead At 30

By April Ryder | Published

A beloved South Korean K-Pop star has died today. Singer Park Boram’s death was reported by several Korean media outlets early today. The unexpected passing of the 30-year-old artist shocked the industry and her many fans worldwide. 

Park Boram’s Sudden Passing

Her media agency, XANADU Entertainment released a formal statement regarding Boram’s death saying, “We are here to share sorrowful and heartbreaking news. Park Boram suddenly passed away late at night on April 11. All of the artists and executives at XANADU Entertainment are deeply mourning the deceased with great sadness. It is even more heartbreaking that we have to tell you this sudden news to all of the fans who support Park Boram. The funeral will be held after consulting with the bereaved’s family. Once again, we send our deepest condolences to the deceased so she may rest in peace.” 

No One Saw It Coming

It was reported to Korean Police that Park Boram was partying with friends at a private gathering. She and two other friends were drinking together when the pop star excused herself to the restroom sometime close to 10 pm. After Boram had not returned for an extended amount of time, her friends became worried and went into the bathroom to check on her. 

Park Boram was discovered in the bathroom “slouched over the sink, unconscious.” Her friends reported that they did try to perform CPR on her while they waited for emergency services to arrive. Once responders arrived, they transported the pop star to Hanyang University Guri Hospital, where she was officially pronounced dead at 11:17 pm. 

Cause Of Death Is Under Investigation

Boram’s cause of death is still currently under investigation. Speculation is that she suffered some sort of cardiac event that led to her expiration. Conflicting reports of the evening’s events say that the K-pop singer suddenly collapsed at a party for no apparent reason. Regardless, Park Boram’s family, friends, and fans all deserve to have an answer on what happened to their beloved star. 

Big Break

For those who aren’t familiar with Boram’s work, she started her path to fame when she took part in SuperStar K2 (An American Idol-esk show in Korea) in 2010. She was a hit with viewers, and she dropped her first solo song, Beautiful, in 2014. 

Park Boram then moved on in her career to win an Artist of the Year award at the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards. She was also nominated for an Mnet Asian Music Award, Melon Music Award, and Golden Disk Award. Other hits by Park Boram include Celepretty, Sorry, Pretty Bae, and Dynamic Love, among others. 

10 Year Anniversary

Boram has also taken part in collaboration work with artists like Eric Nam, boy band member Park Kyung, and rapper Lil Boi. She just released a new single in February entitled I Hope with Huh Gak, and earlier this month, she dropped I Miss You. Park Boram was currently preparing for a 10th Anniversary Celebration Album release this summer. 

Though it’s sad to see a life end, it’s even more troubling when a young star unexpectedly passes for unknown reasons. Hopefully, authorities can find some solid answers for those who knew her best. RIP, Park Boram.