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Netflix True Story Drama Shoots Into Top 10 After Real-World Events

On Tuesday, November 16, Donald Trump announced that he had chosen JD Vance to be his running mate. This was …

1 week ago

Dark Crime Mystery Thriller Series On Max Is A Perfect One-Day Binge

If you love thrillers, Amy Adams, books turned into series, or all of the above, you must watch Sharp Objects …

1 month ago

The Best Con Artist Classic Of An Entire Decade, Stream Without Netflix

Steven Spielberg is one of the biggest names in the history of cinema, with dozens of directing credits under his …

1 month ago

Amy Adams Monster Horror Reveals First Look At Nightbitch

With how wild many horror movies can be, it can honestly be a challenge to encounter a new one that …

2 months ago

The Max Sci-Fi Romance That Eerily Predicts Our AI Obsession

Any time there is a new story about advancements in AI these days, people always express concern about all of …

3 months ago

The True Crime Movie With A Batman Star Being Hidden From The Public

These days, true-story crime thrillers seem to be cropping up all over the place, with filmmakers eager to expose society’s …

4 months ago

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Jenna Ortega Teams With Amy Adams And We Can’t Wait

Jenna Ortega and Amy Adams will be teaming up to star in the upcoming dystopian science-fiction film, Klara and the …

6 months ago

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Netflix Losing A Modern Sci-Fi Classic, See It Before It’s Gone

Let’s face it: our’s is an era in which sci-fi films favor high-octane action and over-the-top spectacles. Not that we’re …

9 months ago

Amy Adams

The Amy Adams Crime Thriller On Netflix That Will Turn You Into A Detective

The 2021 psychological thriller The Woman in the Window is currently streaming on Netflix. The film is directed by Joe Wright and …

10 months ago

alien invasion, arrival

The Best Alien Invasion Movie Ever Is Now Streaming On Netflix

If you’ve ever pondered about the intricacies of communication, the vastness of the universe, or simply love a mind-bending, alien …

11 months ago

amy adams arrival

The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix With The Most Realistic Alien Invasion

If aliens landed on our planet, how would we be able to communicate with them? That’s the big question the …

11 months ago

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The Creepy Jake Gyllenhaal Thriller On Netflix That Will Keep You Guessing

Dive into the darkly fascinating world of Nocturnal Animals, where Jake Gyllenhaal showcases his unparalleled acting chops in this hauntingly …

11 months ago

The Amy Adams True Story On Netflix That’s Stranger Than Fiction

Amy Adams has built a career out of playing a variety of characters, from the sweet southern Brenda Strong in …

12 months ago

amy adams lois lane

Amy Adams Was Actually In A Superman Series Long Before Playing Lois Lane In The DCU

Amy Adams had a role in the series Smallville for one episode

12 months ago

Amy Adams man of steel

Amy Adams Feel-Good True Story Is Leaving Netflix

July is almost over, which means time is running out to check out Julie & Julia on Netflix. Based on …

12 months ago

grapes of wrath series

The Amy Adams Thriller On Netflix That Will Mess With Your Head

Netflix is packed with psychological thrillers that will keep you guessing, with your head spinning by the time the credits …

1 year ago

Paul Rudd And Amy Adams Team Up In A Raunchy New Comedy  

Paul Rudd and Amy Adam will play a married couple in the raunchy comedy, The Invite.

1 year ago

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Jeremy Renner Stars In A Wild True Story Heist Movie That’s A Streaming Hit

Jeremy Renner stars in American Hustle, currently in the top ten movies on Netflix.

1 year ago

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Why Henry Cavill Was So Uncomfortable Kissing Amy Adams

Filming Superman scenes, Henry Cavill said that kissing Amy Adams was “too much” because of her tongue-kissing techniques.

1 year ago

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A Forgotten Amy Adams Hit Is Trending On Netflix

The early Amy Adams rom com Leap Years is in the top 10 movies streaming on Netflix.

2 years ago

Amy Adams

Amy Adams Shares Bad News About Her Return As Lois Lane

Amy Adams reveals that she would love to return as Lois Lane, but DC has not approached her about it.

2 years ago

Amy Adams

See Amy Adams Trend For Busting Out Of A Low-Cut Dress At The Disenchanted Premiere

Amy Adams stunned on the red carpet for the Disenchanted premiere with a low-cut dress.

2 years ago

christian bale feature

Christian Bale Reveals He Had To Defend Amy Adams From A Director

Christian Bale says he had to intervene between Amy Adams and David O. Russell on the set of American Hustle.

2 years ago

Amy Adams

See A Vicious Amy Adams Return For A Sequel To Her Most Loved Movie

Amy Adams is returning to her most beloved character for a sequel, but it looks like the tone might have changed a little bit.

2 years ago

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Amy Adams Has The Most Popular Movie On Netflix

Amy Adams has a movie on Netflix ranked number one in the United States for the streaming platform. The thriller will keep you guessing.

3 years ago

Amy Adams man of steel

A Great Amy Adams Movie Is Blowing Up On Streaming And It’s Free

Amy Adams just made her way back onto the screen in the DC Extended Universe last week playing Lois Lane …

3 years ago

One Of The Best Amy Adams Movies Hits Netflix On Friday

One of Amy Adams’ first leading roles – and one of her best – will finally be available to watch on Netflix starting on January 1, 2021.

4 years ago