Why Henry Cavill Was So Uncomfortable Kissing Amy Adams

Filming Superman scenes, Henry Cavill said that kissing Amy Adams was "too much" because of her tongue-kissing techniques.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Henry Cavill Amy Adams

You don’t have to be a major comics fan to understand that Lois Lane is the love of Superman’s life. Accordingly, when Zack Synder brought Man of Steel to life, he had Henry Cavill’s Superman lock lips with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. However, in an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Adams discussed how she had learned a special kissing technique from director David O. Russell that was reminiscent of what you’d see in “a 1980s music video or something” but that Cavill didn’t like it, prompting the Superman actor to reply “too much, it was too much.”

In discussing her kiss with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams immediately became self-conscious about the conversation, noting that “I’m coming across as such a creep for poor Henry.” This was compounded by the fact that she wanted to brag (and rightfully so) about what a good actor he is to other people, but it felt weird to praise Cavill to his face after … well … she sucked his face. According to her, praising Cavill’s acting chops after giving him a “too much” kiss was enough to make her “feel like really creepy.”

While Henry Cavill and Amy Adams may have that one awkward incident between them, they also have plenty more things in common that they can bond over. For example, they spent plenty of not-so-creepy time acting alongside one another in Man of Steel and were reunited in the DCEU in both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The two were likely looking forward to continuing in these roles for many years before getting axed by James Gunn in his hope to create a mostly-rebooted DCU (complete with a new actor stepping into the red boots for Superman: Legacy).

Still, it’s not like either of the actors are exactly starving for work right now. Henry Cavill looks to be returning for a Man From U.N.C.L.E. sequel in theaters as well as a Warhammer 40,000 series on Amazon, while Amy Adams recently returned to a successful franchise with Disenchanted and has both an upcoming TV show (Kings of America) and a wonderfully insane sounding upcoming movie (Nightbitch, about a woman who may be turning into a dog). But we can’t deny that it must be awkward for them to view the development of the DCU and constantly wonder which fresh faces will replace them as Superman and Lois Lane.

On that front, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams may not have to wait very long because James Gunn previously stated that Superman: Legacy will be released in 2025. Assuming there are no delays, we should get more info about that movie and its stars in the near future. Of course, whether the new Superman is fit to walk in Cavill’s boots is going to be a fan debate that continues long after the credits roll.

As fans, we can only hope that the next Superman and Lois Lane actors have even a portion of the chemistry that Henry Cavill and Amy Adams had. One of the reasons they can joke about the awkward kiss is because they developed such a great working relationship that continues to this day. And Adams should be quite proud: it’s not every Lois Lane that can transform Superman into a blushing Clark Kent with a single, kinky kiss.