The Amy Adams Thriller On Netflix That Will Mess With Your Head

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Nocturnal Animals

Netflix is packed with psychological thrillers that will keep you guessing, with your head spinning by the time the credits roll and with the streamer’s addition of the Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal-led 2016 feature, Nocturnal Animals, the platform is delivering another doozy.

Amy Adam’s chilling thriller Nocturnal Animals is available to watch on Netflix.

Directed, written, and produced by Tom Ford (A Single Man) in what would be the revered fashion designer’s sophomore project, the film centers on the horrors of one woman’s past, present, and future.

In Nocturnal Animals, Amy Adams stars as Susan Morrow, a well-to-do art gallery owner in Los Angeles living what appears to be her dream life. Happily married for a second time to Hutton Morrow (Armie Hammer), Susan’s only struggles come from Hutton’s endless travels.

During one of these periods when Hutton is away from his wife and home, Susan receives a copy of the most recent novel penned by her first husband, Edward Sheffield (Jake Gyllenhaal), and can’t help but spot similarities between the storyline and events from the past – events that still have a strong hold on Susan’s present situation. 

Amy Adams as Susan Morrow in Nocturnal Animals

Along with Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Armie Hammer, the film also boasted a cast stacked with familiar names including Isla Fisher, Michael Shannon, Michael Sheen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Laura Linney, Jena Malone, Ellie Bamber, and Andrea Riseborough.

While Ford penned the film’s script, the title was based on Austin Wright’s 1993 novel, Tony and Susan, with Ford taking some creative liberties to adapt the novel for the big screen. Also adding their names as producers, Smokehouse Pictures’ George Clooney and Grant Heslov backed Nocturnal Animals

Although it held promise at the box office, Nocturnal Animals barely passed its production budget, bringing in $32.4 million against $22.5 million. Critics were also torn on their feelings about Ford’s follow-up production, with many unable to agree on whether the title was the thriller that was anticipated.

Nonetheless, many of the stars including Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were nominated at the BAFTAs and Academy Awards with Amy Adams receiving a Jupiter Awards nod for her work in the project.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Edward Sheffield in Nocturnal Animals

For Amy Adams, being snubbed at the major award circuit wasn’t a total blow to her self-esteem as the actress has won two Golden Globe Awards, and nominations for six Academy Awards, seven BAFTAs, and two Primetime Emmy Awards for her standout work over the years.

Amy Adams After Nocturnal Hearts

Following her role in Tom Ford’s psychological thriller, Adams went on to reprise her role as Lois Lane in 2017’s Justice League, a part that she was first spotted in 2013’s Man of Steel followed by 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Beyond that, the last few years have seen her in every genre imaginable from the dark comedy satire Vice to the rustbelt drama Hillbilly Elegy to the psychological thriller The Woman in the Window as well as the big-screen adaptation of the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen and Disney’s live-action animated flick, Disenchanted.

In between her time in Nocturnal Animals and now, Amy Adams also made her return to the small screen in HBO’s Sharp Objects, a role that followed her many TV appearances in titles like That ‘70s Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Office

Where To Catch Adams Next

While she may not have any other television roles coming down the pike, Amy Adams will next be seen in Marielle Heller’s (The Diary of a Teenage Girl, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) upcoming comedy feature, Nightbitch. Based on Rachel Yoder’s 2021 novel of the same name, the story centers around a woman who is caring for a child and begins to have reason to believe that she’s shifting into a dog.

Along with the Catch Me if You Can star, the film will also feature performances from Scoot McNairy (Gone Girl), Ella Thomas (Entourage), Mary Holland (Happiest Season), and Garret C. Phillips. The film currently hasn’t set a release date. 

As for Nocturnal Animals, Netflix subscribers can currently catch the Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal-led movie streaming alongside a handful of other jaw-dropping and pulse-pounding thrillers including the recently released Bird Box: Barcelona and Run Rabbit Run, along with classic favorites such as Chloe, God’s Crooked Lines, Donnie Brasco, Secret Window, Spiderhead, and even Adams’ other critically acclaimed thriller, The Woman in the Window.