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New Brad Pitt George Clooney Thriller Looks Like The Gem Of The Year

The new trailer for Wolfs is out on YouTube, and it looks epic. Brad Pitt and George Clooney are reuniting …

1 week ago

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Dark R-Rated Crime Comedy On Netflix Has The Best Ensemble Cast Ever

If you’re a fan of off-beat films in the comedy or crime niche, you’re no doubt familiar with the brilliant …

1 month ago

Wolfs Is The Perfect Progression Of Brad Pitt & George Clooney

The first trailer for the upcoming film Wolfs starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney just arrived on YouTube, and fans …

2 months ago

George Clooney Delivers His Best Role In This Comedy Classic On Hulu

For comedic greats the Coen brothers rarely get it wrong, and with their 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, …

2 months ago

george clooney

George Clooney Starring In Revival Of His Best Movie

Nearly 20 years after its initial release, George Clooney will star in a revival of one of his best movies: …

2 months ago

john krasinski rainbow six

John Krasinski Has A Box Office Hit On His Hands

John Krasinski has come a long way from the relatively unknown actor who first appeared on The Office in 2005. …

3 months ago

Danny Devito Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger Return No One Expected

Sometimes, the best collaborations are spoken into existence, and we hope that Danny DeVito’s desire to work alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger …

3 months ago

The Robert Redford Crime Caper Classic On Netflix Is The Greatest Comedy Of The 1970s

If you consider yourself a true cinephile but still have the 1973 classic comedic caper The Sting on your watchlist, …

4 months ago

Ocean’s Trilogy Gets Stunning 4K Collector’s Set Fans Need

If you’re a fan of the Ocean’s trilogy, because we are, you’re going to be happy about this news. Warner …

4 months ago

adam sandler

Adam Sandler Netflix Special Reunites Star With His Best Director Ever

Adam Sandler is continuing his long and fruitful relationship with Netflix with a new comedy special. Sandler is also working …

5 months ago

brad pitt

Brad Pitt Tried To Quit One Of His Most Important Movies

In a fascinating behind-the-scenes revelation, director Ed Zwick unveiled that Brad Pitt may not be the most easygoing actor to …

5 months ago

Iconic Director Not Returning To Beloved Crime Franchise

While George Clooney is optimistic about doing an Ocean’s 14 movie, director Steven Soderbergh won’t be on board. “After we made the …

6 months ago

George Clooney Reveals New Ocean’s Film With Really Great Script

In a significant reveal, Danny Ocean himself—otherwise known as George Clooney—thrilled fans around the globe by announcing that a new …

7 months ago

george clooney

George Clooney And Other Stars Paying Millions To End Actor’s Strike?

While the Writers’ Guild recently reached an agreement with the studios of Hollywood, the same can’t be said for SAG-AFTRA …

9 months ago

The Mark Wahlberg Thriller On Streaming That Will Make You Afraid Of The Ocean

The grand force and ubiquitous power of the Atlantic Ocean is made real by Mark Wahlberg and the crew of …

10 months ago

George Clooney’s Star-Studded, Franchise Remake Is Now Streaming

Looking for an action-packed, star-studded movie to fill your free time? Ocean’s Eleven is the flick that delivers. Whether you’ve …

11 months ago

george clooney midnight sky

The George Clooney Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Over the course of his long and impressive career, George Clooney has starred in all sorts of films that will …

11 months ago

George Clooney Tomorrowland

George Clooney Leads An All-Star Cast In A Historical Heist Streaming For Free

Dust off your history books and prepare for a fascinating journey through time as The Monuments Men is now streaming …

1 year ago

The Creator Of Batman Thought The Worst Actor Was The Best Batman

Batman co-creator Bob Kane claimed George Clooney was the best Batman.

1 year ago

The 10 Best Movie Casts Ever Assembled

There is a lot to consider when trying to determine the best movie cast ever. A film can have a …

1 year ago

batwing flash

See Every Actor To Play Batman Over The Last 80 Years

The character of Batman has been played by some of the most notable actors around and it’s been going on for 80 years.

1 year ago

george clooney batman

George Clooney Is In The Flash As Batman

A George Clooney cameo has been added to The Flash.

1 year ago

The Worst Batman Is Not George Clooney

Christian Bale is the worst Batman because his character is too realistic.

1 year ago

batman caped crusader

The Worst Batman Also Coming Back For The Flash?

A new rumor suggests that an ex-Batman actor will make a surprise return in The Flash, leaving fans wondering if George Clooney will reprise the role.

1 year ago

George Clooney Tomorrowland

George Clooney’s Most Terrifying Film Is Blowing Up On Streaming

The science fiction thriller Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is in the top 10 on HBO Max.

1 year ago

james corden the whale

James Corden Almost Annihilated This Year’s Best Movie

At one point, James Corden was apparently up for the lead role of The Whale.

2 years ago

danny trejo george clooney

Danny Trejo Thinks He’s Better Than George Clooney

Danny Trejo thinks his performance stole From Dusk Till Dawn from George Clooney.

2 years ago

Julia Roberts

See Julia Roberts’ Bizarre Dress Plastered With George Clooney’s Face

The friendship of Julia Roberts and George Clooney is a true Hollywood treasure. As Clooney received an award for a …

2 years ago

george clooney

George Clooney Furious For Losing Role In Hit 90’s Movie To Brad Pitt

George Clooney admits to holding a grudge against Brad Pitt over losing a role in Thelma & Louise to him.

2 years ago