Star Wars Visions Must Hire These Animation Studios

By Douglas Helm | Published

star wars visions

Star Wars: Visions is definitely one of the coolest things that Disney has done with the Star Wars franchise since acquiring LucasFilm, and it’s a concept that has infinite potential. The first season gave various Japanese animation studios the chance to make a story in the Star Wars universe, and the subsequent season opened up to animation studios around the world. Naturally, Disney will likely get some cool studios on board for the third season, so here’s a quick wish list of studios that we would like to see animate a Visions episode.

Studio Ghibli

star wars visions

While this might seem like a long shot, Disney and Studio Ghibli have a long (albeit slightly rocky) history together, and Ghibli even recently animated a Grogu short for Disney+! Why not take things a step further and animate an entire episode of Star Wars: Visions? People have been dreaming about seeing Star Wars in the signature Ghibli style for years, so it’s time to give the people what they want and let Ghibli put all those AI-generated Ghibli/Star Wars images to shame.


star wars visions

As the company that owns Pixar, there’s no reason that Disney can’t make this happen. Maybe Disney was trying not to toot its own horn in the first two seasons of Star Wars: Visions by not taking things in-house, but it’s undeniable that the idea of a Pixar Visions episode is incredibly appealing. Disney just has to say the word for this one, but it seems more likely that the House of Mouse will continue to outsource for the series.


Bringing things back to Japan, the third season of Star Wars: Visions should absolutely get Ufotable to make an episode. Ufotable is known for the fantastically animated Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, which has some of the best anime sword battles going today. We already know that Ufotable would make one of the best lightsaber duels we’ve ever seen put to screen.


Fortiche is a French animation studio that makes one of the best video game adaptations of all time with the Netflix series Arcane, based on the game League of Legends. While the storytelling of the series was fantastic, the animation was on an entirely different level, and it would be amazing to see what Fortiche could do with a Star Wars: Visions episode. Oh, also Fortiche already worked with Disney before for the Disney XD show Rocket & Groot, so the precedent for a working relationship is already there.

Wit Studio And Cloverworks

This one is technically cheating by choosing two animation studios, but it would be great to see Wit Studios and Cloverworks team up to make an episode of Star Wars: Visions. While both studios have plenty of iconic projects under each of their belts, they work on the delightful Spy x Family together. And, honestly, just letting Wit Studios and Cloverworks make an episode of Spy x Family that parodies the Star Wars universe sounds good to me

Toei Animation

Star Wars: Visions originally chose Japanese studios to essentially make an anime anthology series. So, it would be fitting to have the studio that got many people around the world into anime in the first place make an episode. Toei Animation has made some of the biggest and most popular anime of all time with series like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece, and it’s safe to say we’re all ready to see a big world-breaking shonen-style Star Wars throwdown.

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