George Clooney Is In The Flash As Batman

A George Clooney cameo has been added to The Flash.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

george clooney batman

Despite Ezra Miller seemingly becoming a supervillain in front of our eyes, Warner-Discovery is going full speed ahead on releasing The Flash. This movie is going to effectively reboot the DCU, giving James Gunn a clean slate to start over with a franchise that, quite frankly, never even held a candle to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while we already knew about some of the crazy cameos in this film, such as Michael Keaton, Geekosity reports that you can expect to see George Clooney reprise his role as Batman in The Flash.

At first glance, the idea that George Clooney might pop up in The Flash may not seem that crazy. We already know that the movie involves navigating through different realities and running into different versions of familiar characters, which is why the Flash is basically teaming up with himself in trailers for this film. However, Clooney’s cameo was not originally part of the movie, and he was instead added at the request of James Gunn himself.

While it’s not necessarily clear why Gunn wanted to add a George Clooney cameo in The Flash, this is likely just one more example of the director’s quirky sense of humor. So far, his DCU projects, such as The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, have leaned into the comedic side of comic adaptations. Since Clooney was last seen in Batman & Robin, widely considered the lowest point in the Caped Crusader’s franchise, it’s likely that Clooney is going to pop up as a reminder of how unforgettably goofy that earlier film was.

Still, many fans across social media who have heard that James Gunn put George Clooney in The Flash are already upset about the news. It’s not so much that fans hate Clooney but that we already know of some other cool cameos that were removed from this film. For example, Henry Cavill’s Superman cameo was yoinked from the movie, and it’s hard not to see getting Clooney’s Batman instead of Cavill’s Superman as one hell of a downgrade.

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George Clooney in the famous suit from Batman and Robin

And some fans are also worried that putting George Clooney into The Flash may signify the movie will be relying more on unexpected cameos rather than good writing. For example, multiple versions of characters interacting seems like a clear ripoff of Spider-Man: No Way Home at this point. But while that movie turned three Spider-Men teaming up into emotionally effective storytelling, it’s looking more and more like Warner-Discovery is trying to paper over an allegedly bad film with a bunch of high-profile but empty cameos.

Now, George Clooney is a very good actor, and it’s possible that his appearance in The Flash will contain some of the pathos and emotion that was sorely lacking in his previous Batman movies. But even if he gets a scene worthy of William Shakespeare’s classic soliloquies, we imagine he will be completely overshadowed by the very prominent appearance of Michael Keaton’s Batman. Then again, if these two aging actors get into a Batman v. Superman-style fight over who plays a better Caped Crusader, all of this film’s many delays will be worth it.