George Clooney Reveals New Ocean’s Film With Really Great Script

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

In a significant reveal, Danny Ocean himself—otherwise known as George Clooney—thrilled fans around the globe by announcing that a new script for another Ocean’s movie is on the way, one garnering his enthusiastic reveal.

The actor shared this stirring news during a recent interview with Uproxx in which Clooney was accompanied by fellow actor Callum Turner. Clooney hinted the new screenplay would borrow some thematic cues from Going In Style, so to speak, indicating a layer of maturity and bittersweetness to the upcoming Ocean’s franchise installment. 

What The New Ocean’s Film Could Be About

Both unexpected and exciting, the actor’s disclosure about the new Ocean’s script—which George Clooney dubbed “Great”—suggests the upcoming installment could provide a unique and engaging spin on the heist genre. The reference above to Going In Style indicates the film will adopt a retrospective tone, exploring the aging theme as it applies to Ocean and his crew of brilliant, oddball thieves. 

Of course, Danny Ocean’s charm is difficult to separate from George Clooney’s. The actor, ever the raconteur, enlivened the interview by reminiscing about an encounter at a premiere party where Bill Murray led a conga line. Indeed, a conga line consisting of Murray and Clooney is the stuff of dreams. 

George Clooney Directs The Boys In The Boat

The interview initially and primarily focused on another film, George Clooney’s latest directorial venture, The Boys in the Boat, which chronicles the true story of the University of Washington’s rowing team at the 1936 Olympics, held in Berlin and under the auspices of the Nazi regime. 

Turner stars in the film as Joe, a student who pursues his natural talent for rowing to the Olympics. Interestingly, rowing rivaled football for popularity in 1930s America, and the film should do that bygone sports culture justice. 

The Modern Ocean’s Franchise Consists Of Four Movies

george clooney julia roberts ocean's eleven

A celebrated collection of heist films, the Ocean’s series has thrilled audiences since its inception with its mixture of brilliant plot twists, charismatic and unique characters, and—of course—high-takes capers. Staring George Clooney, Ocean’s Eleven kicked off the series in 2001, and it is a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack film of the same name. The Steven Soderbergh-directed movie introduced a new generation to the unmistakable world of suave criminal mastermind Danny Ocean, handled by Clooney with effortless charm. 

Star-Studded Casts

The inspirational storytelling, circling a daring plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously, set the tone for the franchise. Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts also rounded out the star-studded cast. A box office success, the film benefited from Soderbergh’s slick direction and George Clooney’s one-of-a-kind talent. It made for a box office success. 

The Sequels

george clooney, brad pitt

The critical and commercial success of the first film spawned two further heist-thrillers in the franchise, aptly (though perhaps uncreatively) named Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. As expected, each successive chapter introduced compelling new characters and, most enjoyable, increasingly complex heists. The former relocated the action to Europe, while the latter brought the narrative full circle by returning to Las Vegas. 

Throughout, the franchise retained its signature combination of deft humor, stylish visuals, and elaborate cons. Critical responses were, however, mixed, despite George Clooney’s best efforts.