Quentin Tarantino’s Most Misunderstood Movie Is Free to Stream

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Published

quentin tarantino death proof

There are fans of the movie Pulp Fiction who know Quentin Tarantino was the director, and then there are fans of Quentin Tarantino himself, who have devoured his films. For both sets of fans, it may be a delight to know that his most misunderstood production, Death Proof, is now available to stream for free on Tubi. 

Tarantino’s Worst?

Even Quentin Tarantino himself considers Death Proof to be his worst movie, but says that he’s good with that. The point he seems to be making in interviews when the subject comes up is that his other films, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards… the list goes on, have been so well received that if Death Proof is his worst project, it’s still pretty darn good. 

And the truth is it is pretty good. Indeed, the reason it perhaps didn’t do so well in theaters is likely related to how it was released. 


quentin tarantino death proof

You see, Tarantino and Robert Rodgriguez teamed up again (after having created From Dusk Till Dawn together) to make a double feature. Quentin Tarantino would make Death Proof and Rodriguez would create Planet Terror, and the films were meant to be seen together, like an old-school drive-in where you got a bonus movie for buying a ticket. 

Planet Terror did not do well, and Death Proof kind of got lumped into the pile of pointless, throw away films. 

But the trashing of this slasher film is a mistake. The film deserves a second, or first, look with context and fresh eyes. 

The Inspiration

quentin tarantino death proof

Quentin Tarantino has said he was inspired to make Death Proof by the stuntmen from older films who would, literally, deathproof their cars, making it so they would not be harmed during car chases. He has always had a deep love for older films and real car chases filmed without CGI and extensive editing. 

The Story

The story of Death Proof revolves around a stuntman who has deathproofed his car, but only for the driver. He’s a maniacal serial killer of sexy women, and viewers watch him murder his first three victims with glee. 

However, (and this is what makes Tarantino so great) he then flips the story on its head and has his second set of victims fighting back with a vengeance. Quentin Tarantino is well-known for his love of subverting genres, narratives, and expectations, and Death Proof is an excellent example of this. 

Death Proof Deserves A Second Chance

quentin tarantino death proof

Complaints about the movie discuss the lengthy dialogue scenes that feel overdone, which fans should certainly expect from Tarantino by now. They also don’t love how the cinematography feels broken up, messy, and chaotic.

But this appearance was intentional. Quentin Tarantino wanted Death Proof to feel like an old grindhouse movie that had been damaged, played, retitled, and played again. 

He’s giving those of us who grew up going to older theaters to watch small productions a bit of nostalgia, and he’s giving those who never had those experiences a taste of authentic time travel

So, yes, it’s time to bring fresh eyes to Death Proof. It’s the least we can do for one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.