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John Goodman 1980s Sci-Fi Horror Is Streaming Now

Sometimes the most effective way to create an atmosphere of horror is to place the predators beneath our feet. Such …

1 hour ago

search party

Dark Comedy Streaming On Max Parodies A New Genre Every Season

At its core, Search Party is a comedy about a group of self-centered hipsters. That simple core, which could describe …

3 hours ago

The 1980s Disney Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Being Buried in The Past

Does anyone remember a time when Disney ventured into the horror genre? Well, we do; it happened during the ‘80s, …

1 day ago

Iconic 80s Horror Is An Unintentionally Hilarious Masterpiece, Stream Without Netflix

As a straight-up horror film, 1982’s The Slumber Party Massacre leaves a lot to be desired because it plays out …

1 day ago

Elvira mistress of the dark

Beloved Horror Icon Stars In Fan-Favorite 1980s Bomb Streaming Now

Cassandra Peterson made her name as one of horror’s most iconic hostesses, introducing scores of B-level science fiction and monster …

1 day ago

Haunted House Horror Movies All Share One Infuriating Trope That Needs To Die

I’ve watched my fair share of haunted house movies over the years, and I’m absolutely exhausted by the “creepy old …

2 days ago

1970s Horror Masterpiece Is Streaming Now, Your Eyes Will Thank You

A great horror film will rely on more than onscreen gore to give the audience scares. While well-timed jumps in …

2 days ago

Forgotten Zombie Horror Comedy Is The Most Surreal Head-Trip You’ll Ever See, Stream Now

If your proverbial taste buds of content consumption are aching for something strange and quirky, John Dies at the End …

2 days ago


The Iconic 1980s Horror Comedy With A Law And Order Icon, Stream Immediately

Emmy Award winning actress Mariska Hargitay has dazzled viewers for more than 25 years on the hit show Law & …

3 days ago

Amy Adams Monster Horror Reveals First Look At Nightbitch

With how wild many horror movies can be, it can honestly be a challenge to encounter a new one that …

3 days ago

tales from the darkside

The Horror Adaptation More Terrifying Than The Original Series

The 1980s horror anthology series Tales from the Darkside gave audiences weekly chills and thrills directly from the writings of …

3 days ago

Saturday the 14th

1980s Fan-Favorite Horror Spoof Streaming Right Now

There’s nothing better than a spoof film to make fun of ridiculous horror tropes that are so pervasive in the …

3 days ago

don't listen

Netflix Paranormal Haunting Horror Gives The Conjuring Franchise Run For Its Money

Any horror fan will tell you that The Conjuring and Insidious franchises were responsible for bringing back the haunted house …

3 days ago

the nesting

The Haunted House Horror Thriller With A Genre Icon You Can Stream Now

Amid all the gory slasher films of the early 1980s, a handful of good old fashioned ghost stories were projected …

3 days ago

The Shrouds Reveals New David Cronenberg Sci-Fi Horror Thriller, See In Action

Variety revealed a new teaser for The Shrouds, an upcoming film from auteur director David Cronenberg. The film follows a …

4 days ago

The 1980s Zombie Horror Classic That’s A Bizarre Sequel To The Greatest In The Genre

Though zombies have been featured in horror movies since the silent era, the flesh and brain-eating monsters that audiences see …

4 days ago

black christmas

The Original Slasher Horror Made By Beloved Christmas Director You Can Stream Right Now

Several years before Michael Myers attacked Laurie Strode and her friends there was a movie slasher that is often overlooked …

4 days ago

nightmares and daydreams

Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Series Nightmares And Daydreams Looks Unmissable, See The New Show In Action

Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi horror series Nightmares and Daydreams, directed by Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar, promises to deliver a thrilling and unsettling viewing …

4 days ago

Found Footage Needs To Get Away From Horror

I’ve recently watched an unhealthy amount of movies using found footage, and I noticed something that bothers me way more …

4 days ago

you can't kill Stephen King
return of the living dead streaming

The Most Important 1980s Punk Rock Horror Comedy Is Streaming Right Now

 The soundtrack is a feature that can make or break a film. Imagine the movies Pulp Fiction, The Crow, or …

5 days ago

1980s Horror Comedy Secret Gem Is The Perfect New Discovery For Fans

1980s slasher horror films were a staple of late weekend nights, and shelves of VHS tapes were raided each week …

5 days ago

night visions

2000s Horror Anthology Series With Rock Icon Host In Danger Of Disappearing

Horror anthologies have been horror fan favorites for generations. Some of the best adaptations of short horror and science fiction …

5 days ago

Nicolas Cage longlegs

Nicolas Cage Serial Killer Thriller Looks Like Creepiest Horror Of The Year, See The Evidence

Nicolas Cage’s latest film, Longlegs, just revealed a pair of incredibly creepy short trailers online. Each trailer follows a similar …

5 days ago

Poppy Playtime Is The Next Horror Franchise Icon In The Making

Following the 2023 box office success of the horror video game turned movie Five Nights At Freddy’s, Hollywood has snatched …

5 days ago

house movie
david tennant doctor who

The Doctor Who Netflix Mistake That Turned The Sci-Fi Series Into A Slasher Horror

While Doctor Who has always had some scary elements to it, most fans would never compare it to something as …

6 days ago

Zombie Cult Classic With Original Batman Now Streaming Without Netflix

Between his stints as TV’s Batman in the 1960s and his recurring role as Mayor West on Family Guy, Adam …

6 days ago