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1980s Zombie Horror Takes Violence To Unbelievable Extreme, Stream Now Without Netflix

George Romero changed the trajectory of zombie films with the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead by pivoting these …

2 weeks ago

Classic Horror Documentary Over 100 Years Old, Stream Now Without Netflix

Germany was responsible for producing some of the greatest horror films in the Silent Era, with several titles still giving …

2 weeks ago

The ’80s Supernatural Horror That Traumatized A Generation Is Disappearing

It’s not often that made-for-TV horror films are capable of delivering an equitable number of chills comparable to their theatrically …

2 weeks ago

martin movie
dark night of the scarecrow

The ’80s Horror Cult Classic Scarier Than Dark Harvest, Stream Without Netflix

The scarecrow has long been the source of terror in horror lore, though it wasn’t until 40 years ago that …

2 weeks ago

The Netflix Horror Series That Deserves A Season 2

The limited series is a surprisingly small genre for television. It seems like most TV shows start with no clear …

2 weeks ago

Mike Flanagan Netflix

The ’80s Horror Comedy Classic With An SNL Star, Stream Without Netflix

For five seasons beginning in 1975, Garrett Morris entertained audiences every weekend on the long-running NBC show Saturday Night Live. …

3 weeks ago

80s Sci-Fi Horror Comedy Gem Combines Aliens And Zombies, Stream Now Without Netflix

Critics who espouse the view that zombie films have become a worn-out film and TV category in the last decade …

3 weeks ago

Mike Flanagan Is The Only One Who Can Save The Exorcist

There’s something about horror movies that allows them to continuously come back time and time again for sequels, prequels, reboots, …

3 weeks ago

mutant movie

The 80s Sci-Fi Horror Hidden Gem With Mutant Zombies, Stream Without Netflix

The blend of science fiction and horror was never better than it was during the 1980s. Crossover films like Night …

3 weeks ago

the first omen

The Best Horror Franchise Sequel Of The Year Isn’t On Netflix

In the world of horror movies, franchise prequels are often disappointing–movies like Hannibal Rising and Exorcist: The Beginning, for example, …

3 weeks ago

Mike Flanagan Is Doing A Radical Reboot Of The Exorcist

Horror fans have reason to rejoice because Blumhouse and Morgan Creek have confirmed that acclaimed filmmaker Mike Flanagan will be …

3 weeks ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Series Gives Fan Favorite Director Total Control

It’s rare for a creator to be given free rein to do whatever they want with a project, but that’s …

3 weeks ago

The Sci-Fi Horror Sequel Fans Once Hated Is Now A Cult Classic

A film’s sequel can be seen as a continuation of a brilliant story or as a studio’s attempt to milk …

3 weeks ago

the jar

The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made Gets Stunning New Version

The worst horror movie ever created is likely one that even the most diehard horror fans have never heard of, …

3 weeks ago

don't look in the basement

Forgotten 1970s Slasher Horror Got Sequel Over 40 Years Later, Stream Now Without Netflix

Independent horror films created before the era of home video are sometimes the easiest ones lost to time. Some, like …

3 weeks ago

blood anime

The Anime With A Dark Plot Twist You Never See Coming

There are many vampire anime out there, but none manage to stand out on their own quite as much as …

3 weeks ago

The ’90s Dark Horror Fantasy Epic From A Legendary Author, Stream Without Netflix

Clive Barker became a big name in horror with the theatrical release of the gothic horror film Hellraiser in 1987. …

3 weeks ago

Peter Pan's Neverland Nightmare

Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare Shows Why Expiring Copyrights Are A Good Thing

Earlier in the year, there was a lot of commotion over Disney’s expiring copyright to the Steamboat Willie version of …

3 weeks ago

hide and seek

The Robert De Niro Imaginary Friend Movie Everyone Wants To Pretend Isn’t Real

Do you think that you’ve watched every film featuring legendary actor Robert De Niro? We’re gonna call you on that …

3 weeks ago

superstition movie

The 1980s Supernatural Horror Slasher Is The Definition Of Underseen

The slasher films that began in the mid-1970s transformed the horror genre for generations to come. Innocent victims being stalked …

3 weeks ago

slaw movie

Ridiculous Parody Of Iconic Horror Franchise You Have To See To Believe

Horror comedies come in many different flavors, and Slaw is the kind of movie that reeks of cabbage. I mean …

4 weeks ago

suicide for beginners
the touch of satan

The 1970s Witchcraft Horror Romance Is A Secret Of The Era, Stream Now

The popularity of the occult that began in the mid-1960s made its way into cinema quickly, with dozens of films …

4 weeks ago

archive 81

Underrated Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Mystery Series Deserves One More Season

If you love horror television shows, then Archive 81 is pure genre catnip: it gave us a perfect season of …

4 weeks ago

don't be afraid of the dark

Katie Holmes Remade A Fan Favorite 1970s Horror That Needs Help

In 2010, Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and produced a gothic horror film that put its star Katie Holmes up against …

4 weeks ago