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david tennant doctor who

The Doctor Who Netflix Mistake That Turned The Sci-Fi Series Into A Slasher Horror

While Doctor Who has always had some scary elements to it, most fans would never compare it to something as …

1 month ago

Zombie Cult Classic With Original Batman Now Streaming Without Netflix

Between his stints as TV’s Batman in the 1960s and his recurring role as Mayor West on Family Guy, Adam …

1 month ago

masters of horror
there's someone inside your house

Netflix Serial Killer Thriller Exposes Everyone’s Dark Secrets

I absolutely love it when horror movies are self-aware to the point of being hilarious. There’s nothing quite like a …

1 month ago

The Forgotten 1980s Horror Epic From Stephen King’s Best Collaborator

Peter Straub began a collaboration with Stephen King when the two penned the bestselling novels The Talisman (1984) and Black …

1 month ago

the lift movie

1980s Science Fiction Horror On Tubi Explores Terror Of Technology

When I was first made aware of The Lift, which is a Dutch movie from 1983 about a killer elevator, …

1 month ago

the walking dead

The Walking Dead Originally Sequel To Iconic Zombie Universe

For a whole generation of zombiephiles Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is as synonymous with the concept of flesh-eating corpses …

1 month ago

pandemonium movie

1980s Horror Slapstick Teen Comedy In Danger Of Being Lost

Parodies have been a staple in the film industry for almost as long as film itself. From the silent era’s …

1 month ago

the craft

90s Cult Classic Dark Teen Fantasy Horror Still Casts A Spell

The Craft is a 90s cult classic dark teen fantasy horror that practically invented a genre, paving the way for …

1 month ago

fight night part 2

The 80s Vampire Horror Sequel Cult Classic No One Gets To Watch Anymore

Sometimes when a sequel gets panned, it’s well deserved. Film studios can milk a character or a storyline until it’s …

1 month ago

night of the living dead canon

The Most Beloved Horror Classic Has The Most Complicated Canon Ever

If I asked you which horror movie spawned the most convoluted mess of sequels, remakes, and spinoffs, you’d probably guess …

1 month ago

tom selleck

See Tom Selleck Battle Witches In Horror Cult Classic, Stream Now For Free

Years before Tom Selleck solved mysteries in Hawaii on Magnum P.I., he was a hungry actor who made a living …

1 month ago

Ben Affleck Sci-Fi Horror Cult Classic Rediscovered And Restored

Ben Affleck is a blockbuster actor these days, one we have seen suit up as a superhero in major films …

1 month ago

The Orson Welles Folk Horror Oddity That Creators Had To Sue For Control

The contributions of Orson Welles to film are too numerous to mention, particularly when one factors in his brilliance behind …

1 month ago

The Fan-Favorite Horror Series That Beat Tales From The Crypt To The Punch

Horror anthology shows are nothing new. The recent success of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix is the …

1 month ago

The Werewolf Horror Classic Getting Left Behind By Younger Generations

The werewolf has been an often-overlooked movie monster, its due overshadowed by vampires, demons, and supernatural spirits. Over the decades, …

1 month ago

The Most Iconic Horror Comic Book Anthology Still Scares Decades Later

Horror anthology films have chilled audiences for decades with mini-movies that sometimes intertwine with a common theme or overarching plotline. …

1 month ago


The 80s Grossout Horror Hidden Gem Will Crawl Under Your Skin, Stream Right Now

Not all horror movies terrify audiences with demonic entities or killers wearing hockey masks. Some of the most chilling tales …

1 month ago

the unnamable

The Best HP Lovecraft Adaptation Horror Fans Must See, Stream Without Netflix Now

Iconic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft has developed more than just a cult following in the decades since his death. His …

1 month ago

bruiser movie

Abandoned 2000s Horror Thriller From Master Director Unearthed And Restored

Thanks to its immense influence on the horror genre and Hollywood as a whole, director George Romero will always be …

1 month ago

One Of The Worst Films Ever Made Is A Must-See Cult Classic, Stream Without Netflix

As somebody who actively seeks out bad cinema for its inherent entertainment value, I’ve finally found the holy grail of …

1 month ago

Violent Netflix Horror Comedy That Will Make You Think Twice About Hiring A Babysitter

Coming-of-age stories often involve characters overcoming their fears, learning a thing or two about themselves and the world they live …

1 month ago

lake mungo 1

Dark Psychological Horror Anime Inspired By The Most Twisted Hollywood Director

Under the direction of series creator Satoshi Kon Paranoia Agent is a dark, psychological, masterpiece. Its surrealist style and magical …

1 month ago