1990s Vampire Horror Crime Detective Series Is The Perfect Hidden Gem Binge, Stream Without Netflix

By Brian Myers | Published

forever knight

Fans of the vampire have seen this creature of the night depicted in hundreds of films over the last century and were able to relish in its appearance on the small screen with the introduction of bloodsucker Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows in 1967. Since the gothic soap opera went off the air in 1971, there have been a number of television shows with vampires as either antagonists or protagonists. A cult favorite from the early 1990s, Forever Knight, has recently emerged on streaming services and is quickly gaining traction with a new generation of vampire fans.

Forever Knight On Streaming

Forever Knight supposes that there is an underground society of vampires that have existed for thousands of years, unbeknownst to the rest of human society. These nocturnal creatures are much like the ones portrayed in Hollywood films, as they are impervious to nearly everything outside of sunlight and religious articles, never age, and possess a variety of superhuman powers.

The series follows one such vampire, a man who goes by the name Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies). Knight has been a vampire for more than 800 years and spent many centuries letting his blood lust overcome his sense of morality, killing countless humans in the process. But Forever Knight sees the ancient vampire repenting for his sins and pursuing a life of helping those in need.

Nick Knight Has A Dark Secret

Forever Knight series

The vampire becomes a Toronto police officer who has been assigned to a detective unit. Using the excuse of a medical condition called photodermatitis (a severe sun allergy) to allow him to only work after dark, Knight is able to slowly make penance for his past crimes by putting away bad guys. The detective is so adept at keeping his true identity a secret that the only person who knows about his vampirism in Forever Knight is his friend Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher).

Lambert is the Toronto Medical Examiner. Though Knight drinks bottled animal blood to survive and keep his blood frenzy for human blood at bay, she is a firm believer that any time Knight uses his vampiric powers (which is often to help in solving crimes) he is increasing his desire for blood. Forever Knight has a back-and-forth between the two characters, a balance that is as great as Knight’s own balance in keeping his blood thirst at bay.

Enter Lucien LaCroix

Forever Knight series

Over the course of three seasons, viewers see Knight’s quest for justice complicated with the arrival of two vampires from his past life. Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), the vampire who turned Knight, and Lucien’s daughter Janette DuCharme (Deborah Duchene), have high profile careers in the Canadian city. Lucien works as a late-night radio personality while Janette owns a local night club.

Work/Life Balance Has Never Been More Difficult

Forever Knight series

Forever Knight presents a world where many balances must be kept in check. The unrepentant vampires, like Lucian and Janette, are forced to feed in a way where their vampire society remains a secret. Meanwhile, Knight must continue to balance his profession’s need for his vampire abilities with their employment, always threatening to thrust him back into his old life.

A Bloody Good Time

Forever Knight series


Forever Knight is part action, part suspense, and represents a great mashup of the buddy cop shows from the decade prior and the early 90s interest in vampire lore. The series offers a solid viewing experience, giving crime show fans and horror lovers something they can both cheer for.

You can stream the first two seasons of Forever Knight for free on Roku. For die-hard fans who want all 70 episodes at their fingertips, the entire series can be purchased from AppleTV.