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courteney cox scream

Courteney Cox Is Returning To Her Biggest Franchise

Courteney Cox may be feeling under the weather … Gale Weathers. Sources tell Variety she is in talks to reprise …

3 months ago

One Of The Greatest Sci-Fi Horror Franchises Ever Is Coming Out Of Retirement, Has A New Cast

Final Destination: Bloodlines is finally starting production, thirteen years after the previous sequel hit theaters. The new film is expected …

3 months ago

Chucky Is Coming Back To The Big Screen

Everyone’s favorite killer doll will be making yet another appearance on the big screen, according to its creator, Don Mancini. …

3 months ago

Stephen King New Horror The Monkey Wraps Filming With Impressive Cast

An adaptation of Stephen King’s The Monkey just wrapped principal photography on March 22, 2024. Though there have been questionable …

3 months ago

The First Omen First Reactions Are All Saying The Same Shocking Thing

As Blumhouse Productions and David Gordon Green learned the hard way last year with The Exorcist: Believer, not every classic …

3 months ago

Netflix’s New Gundam Turns Mecha Anime Into A Horror Series

Netflix has released a trailer for the upcoming anime series Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance. The two-minute clip introduces viewers to the Gundam universe in …

3 months ago

monster house 2

Monster House 2 In The Works? Director Speaks Up On Sequel

Monster House could get a sequel if director Gil Kenan can come up with a suitable idea for a follow-up. However, …

3 months ago

Sydney Sweeney Sets Box Office Record Thanks To Immaculate Horror

The Sydney Sweeney film Immaculate has achieved the highest opening weekend earnings for Neon in the United States. Released on March 22, …

3 months ago

winnie the pooh blood and honey 2
stephen king pet sematary

The Stephen King R-Rated Horror Thriller On Max Is a Must-Watch ’80s Classic

While book-to-film adaptations have been a staple in Hollywood for decades, there’s no denying that one author stands out as …

3 months ago


The Netflix Flop That Unintentionally Revived Creature Features

Creature features aren’t for everybody, but Anaconda is one of those films that you need to watch because it’s so …

3 months ago

Dark Netflix Mind-bending Chiller Is A Horror Throwback In The Best Way

In 2014, a horror film premiered, terrifying audiences and harkening wonderfully back to the classic scary movies of yore. It …

3 months ago

the ritual

The Netflix Horror That Will Make You Scared To Go In The Woods

We count ourselves lucky that the current horror movie landscape features films that surpass mere entertainment, reflecting our deepest fears …

3 months ago

jeff goldblum mister frost

The Greatest Crime Horror Thriller Of The ’90s Is Coming To IMAX

David Fincher’s Se7en will have a special IMAX screening at the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival. The event will be …

3 months ago

Late Night With The Devil Summons Demonic Box Office Numbers Too Frightening To Believe

Late Night with the Devil, the found-footage horror movie written and directed by Cameron and Colin Cairnes, earned an eerie $666,666 …

3 months ago

Late Night With The Devil AI Controversy Gets Explained By Creators

2024 is setting itself up to be yet another terrific year for horror movies, but one of those titles is …

3 months ago

Netflix Psychological Horror Thriller Reminds You Not to Talk to Strangers

Genre-wise, psychological horror has always sported heavy hitters—nearly all of Hitchfock’s films, for example, fall into this category. However, the …

3 months ago

Violent Netflix Horror Movie Is Almost Too Much To Handle

If you dare, take a trip to Gokseong, an isolated mountain village in South Korea at the heart of the …

3 months ago

pretty Little Liars Season 2

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Reveals New Villain In First Look

The spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, called Original Sin, will soon have a second season. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 …

3 months ago

twilight zone 2
the lair of the white worm

Forgotten ’80s Gonzo Horror Gets Dug Up For Stunning Steelbook Release

The cult-classic horror comedy, The Lair of the White Worm, is getting the updated physical release that we’ve all been …

3 months ago

Alien: Romulus Unleashes Tons Of Violence And Scares, See The New Movie In Action

Alien: Romulus just dropped a teaser trailer, and it’s packed with plenty of creepy sci-fi vibes, violence, and a terrifying …

3 months ago

one cut of the dead

The Horror Comedy Masterpiece On Streaming With 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

If you’re in the mood for something that’s equally brainy and bloody, with a little bit of tension and suspense, …

3 months ago

wolf man

Wolf Man Reboot Is Finally Happening And It’s In The Best Possible Hands

Universal Pictures has long been in the business of monster flicks, having brought audiences plenty of tales around familiar horror …

3 months ago

Controversial Horror Bloodbath Is Director’s Best Film, Stream With No Netflix Needed

Before 2003, Rob Zombie was best known for infusing industrial music with heavy metal through his work with his band, …

3 months ago

1970s Dark Horror Hidden Gem Gets Remake From Beloved Genre Actress

A familiar face is bringing back a cult classic. Barbara Crampton, star of several eighties horror movies, has signed on …

3 months ago