28 Years Later Assembles Unbelievably Talented Cast

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Horror fans have waited long enough for 28 Years Later, which, given the time since the original 28 Days Later debuted, feels like 100 years later. However, these fans should be excited to hear that the thrilling new addition to the horror series–a film to once again be directed by Danny Boyle–will enjoy a truly stellar cast.

28 Years Later Bringing Stars

kraven the hunter

We’re talking big names and bigger talents, like Ralph Fiennes, Jodie Comer, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, all of whom have signed on to lead the project. 

They could not be in better directorial hands with Boyle at the helm. Renowned and beloved for his visceral storytelling and unmistakable style—from Trainspotting to Slumdog Millionaire—Boyle is also potentially working with the ideal script.

28 Years Later Written By Alex Garland

28 years later

Why? Because 28 Years Later is penned by Alex Garland, the original movie’s writer (and writer-director of the recent film, Civil War). The reunion between the two creatives is obviously significant, igniting excitement among fans and critics alike. 

For their part, Sony Pictures has taken charge of a global theatrical release, probably preparing a major media storm to increase brand recognition as much as possible. It would seem a massive cinematic event is in order. 

28 Days Later More Than 20 Years Ago

28 years later

As many will remember, the original film, premiering in 2002, was among the first movies to depict zombies as fast-moving, energetic horror monsters and not the slow, lumbering undead of Romero-influenced flicks preceding it.

Moreover, the movie’s post-apocalyptic nightmare, based around a virus outbreak turning infected humans into relentless hordes, leaned heavily into the post-9/11, surveillance-state vibe terrifying the West at the time (will 28 Years Later lean into the smartphone era?).

The grainy feel of the early digital cameras Boyle employed, making the whole film seem like security footage from some abandoned London Bank, remains an excellent creative choice. 

Cillian Murphy In A Breakout Role

28 years later

The film starred Cillian Murphy in one of his major breakout roles. Murphy played a bike courier who wakes up in the hospital following a bicycle accident to find modern London seemingly empty. As he navigates the lonely streets of the UK capital, he quickly learns that the city is anything but unoccupied… 

The movie earned critical acclaim and grossed over $82 million worldwide, leading to the 2007 sequel, 28 Weeks Later. The influence of Boyle and Garland was also palpable in the sequel, despite both only producing the film. 

Ralph Fiennes An Interesting Addition

Interestingly, by casting Comer, Taylor-Johnson, and Fiennes in 28 Years Later, Sony Pictures is making a bold statement.

The decision is clearly to revive the franchise with major stars over lesser-known actors. This approach contrasts sharply with that of the earlier films, which opted for lesser-known actors; thus, a new direction for the franchise is apparent. 

Jodie Comer On The Rise

Killing Eve

Fans and critics love Comer for her celebrated role in Killing Eve, and she continues to build an impressive filmography with roles in Free Guy and The Last Duel. Sony and Taylor-Johnson enjoy a strong working relationship, with the actor appearing in Bullet Train and the upcoming Kraven the Hunter. 

Meanwhile, the Oscar-nominated Fiennes is hot off an internationally acclaimed performance in Macbeth and is slated to feature in several high-profile projects later this year. 

Andrew Macdonald, Peter Rice, and Bernie Bellew will join Boyle and Garland on the production team. Many will be happy to know that Cillian Murphy will return as an executive producer for 28 Years Later

Source: Deadline