Star Wars Daisy Ridley Movie Title Reveals Defiant Reboot of Sequel Trilogy?

By Jason Collins | Updated

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The new Star Wars movie, inevitably called Episode X, is now officially titled Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning. The upcoming movie is the continuation of the Skywalker saga and offers a seamless transition from the previously released nine episodes, while its title suggests a reboot of the sequel trilogy.

A New Beginning

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The official confirmation of the title Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning puts to rest all the previous reports and speculations about the movie being called New Jedi Order, clarifying that the latter was merely a working title. Actress Daisy Ridley, who previously starred in Episodes VII through IX, is set to reprise her role as Rey in this new chapter, signaling a defiant reboot of the sequel trilogy, actively addressing criticism and narrative inconsistencies plaguing recent installments in the franchise.

Set After Rise Of Skywalker


While the plot details of Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning remain tightly under wraps, the new movie is supposed to center around Rey rebuilding the Jedi Order (hence the working title of the movie), following the events of the Rise of the Skywalker. The narrative is set 15 years after the events of Rise of Skywalker and sees the galaxy after the war and the fall of the first Jedi Order, with Jedi all scattered around.

Even Ridley Is Being Kept In The Dark

Daisy Ridley has already confirmed her return to the franchise—apparently, she’s contracted for one movie at a time—it’s still unclear whether other actors and their respective characters from the sequel trilogy will reprise their roles. The actress stated that the story of Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning is shaping up to be cool, and she thinks the fandom will like the new movie. However, the nature of her contract prevents her from knowing more details about the future of the franchise.

Filming Starts Later This Year

It’s entirely possible that Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning won’t start another trilogy like Episode VII. Instead, it will be a standalone entry with an open ending that leaves room for sequels in case audiences like the movie. Just a reminder, but the critics and the audiences weren’t really charmed with The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, especially certain parts of Rey’s character development, which felt really, really rushed.

Like the previous productions, the production of Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning is going to be a monumental effort, offering plenty of opportunity for industry professionals. Filming is scheduled to begin later this year, with the title currently being in the active pre-production phase.

Not Arriving In Theaters Until 2026

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According to sources, the production of Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning is going to take place across multiple locations worldwide, relying on the mix of real-life settings and technologically advanced studio trickery to bring the galaxy far, far away to life.

The next mainline Star Wars movie is scheduled to begin filming this September, and Disney has already scheduled a release date. Those impatient to see the continuation of the Skywalker Saga will have to wait until December 18, 2026.