The X-Men Mansion From X-Men ’97 Is Now Real

By Douglas Helm | Updated

If you’ve ever wanted to stay at the X-Men Mansion, aka the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, you can now find it on Airbnb. A house that perfectly resembles the version seen in X-Men ’97 and other X-Men projects is located in Westchester County and is part of Airbnb’s Icons homes, which Airbnb lists as “a new category of extraordinary experiences hosted by the greatest names in music, film, television, art, sports, and more.”

The Westchester County location makes the experience even more authentic, as Stan Lee and Chris Claremont both established this as the X-Men’s de facto home base throughout comic book history.

One-Of-A-Kind X-Men Experience

Stan Lee originally established that the X-Men Mansion would be located in Westchester County, while Claremont gave the location an actual address. Now, fiction has grown even closer to reality as the Airbnb listing not only looks like the Xavier Institute from the outside but is also themed on the inside to give fans a true X-Men experience. Of course, it’s not going to be the easiest vacation to book for those who are interested.

Limited Bookings Available

The X-Men Mansion can be requested through the Airbnb app, and those who get selected for the stay receive a digital golden ticket to allow them to book the trip. There were 25 one-night stays on offer starting June 4, but the bookings were officially closed on June 5. It seems likely that the mansion will open up bookings again in the future, but make sure you have the Airbnb app, an account, and a profile if you want to book anything.

For now, it seems the X-Men Mansion is closed to new bookings, and those who were lucky enough to nab one will have quite a unique experience to look forward to. The stay is able to accommodate up to eight guests with four different bedrooms available to stay in.

Includes Speciality Rooms With Fun Activities

According to the Airbnb booking, those who stay will get to participate in fun activities like learning “movie-style poses and sequences” from professional stunt coordinators, taking a special quiz with Cerebro in the War Room, and training in the Danger Room.

The X-Men Mansion stay will also include a multi-hour tour where guests see and interact with actors playing X-Men in the house. The stay is also listed with Jubilee as the host, a popular character from X-Men 97 and other X-Men projects. Jubilee’s bedroom is also one of the four-bedroom options that guests can sleep in during their stay.

The Ultimate Mutant Experience

The Airbnb release for the X-Men Mansion stay also lists various other parts of the experience available for guests, such as Beast’s lab, a class photo, secret mission briefings, and more. In short, it seems like the ultimate experience for any X-Men fan. The mansion itself has 24 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms on an Avail real estate listing, which humorously has Charles Xavier as the contact listing for the home.

Up Next: Krakoa

Of all the X-Men locations in the comics, shows, and movies, the X-Men Mansion in Westchester is definitely one of the most iconic. Although you can’t book a stay in it right now, you can at least see the X-Men enjoying its amenities in X-Men 97, which is currently streaming on Disney+. Perhaps the next Airbnb experience will see the vacation rental company converting an entire island into Krakoa.

Source: Airbnb