Creepy Supernatural Anime Is Lovecraftian Horror Done Right

By Jason Collins | Published

Cosmic horrors often make for a fantastic piece of fiction, as they portray beings of insurmountable power, often laying dormant in their undisturbed sleep or perhaps imprisoned by a higher power. We have Cthulhu, the Ogdru Jahad, Azathoth, and Yog Sothoth, who are all-powerful beings that are so mysterious and horrific, they inspire the feeling of dread in humans. Now, imagine that transferred to anime media, and you get Housing Complex C, which is currently streaming on Adult Swim and Max.

Housing Complex C

Housing Complex C’s narrative begins with a little girl called Kimi, who seems to be the collective “daughter” of everyone living in the complex—which is a good thing because it’s only implied that her mother lives in the complex, but she’s not actually shown in the entire anime. The story is set in a low-cost living complex, with everyone seemingly getting along with one another until a group of foreign fishermen arrives, along with their supervisor and his family—all of whom arrive to live at the complex.

Strange Occurrences

As usually happens in small living quarters for the economically challenged, the cultural differences lead to rising tensions and clashes between the new and the old residents of Housing Complex C. Despite that, the fishermen’s supervisor’s daughter, Yuri, befriends Kimi, and the two become best friends. At the same time, strange things begin to occur at the complex; the residents report seeing strange creatures, animal carcasses, and piles of strange moss growing in places it normally shouldn’t.

The Young Detectives

As strange things continue to happen at Housing Complex C, Yuri and Kimi take it upon themselves to unravel the mysteries of these new occurrences. Since the anime is only four episodes long, we’ll refrain from saying anything more except that Kimi hints at knowing more about the strange events than she lets on. Admittedly, the short format leaves plenty of plot holes that we can plug using only our imagination, and the fandom is left wanting closure regarding the resolution of previously mentioned mysterious occurrences.

Perfect For Fans Of H.P Lovecraft

With that said, there are plenty of references to the cosmic horrors we mentioned in the opening paragraph of this discussion in Housing Complex C, as well as nods to stories of possession, incarnations, and plenty of other mystery stuff to keep the horror & mystery anime fans entertained. This is particularly true for those who love and appreciate the stories and works of H.P. Lovecraft—it even features a barely-seen-it cameo of a certain cosmic being from Lovecraft’s work.

Streaming Options

In the end, Housing Complex C is an interesting bit of anime for those who love a particular blend of mystery and horror that’s often associated with Lovecraft’s work. Unfortunately, given its short format, it leaves plenty to be desired, and given the plot holes that seem purposefully left open, it’s quite obvious that the show would benefit more from a full 12-episode format other anime typically run with. Those interested in giving Housing Complex C a shot can watch the anime on Adult Swim for free or on Max.