We Are Living In A Simulation According To New Surprising Evidence

By TeeJay Small | Published

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The theory that life as we know it is simply a simulation has existed for some time, and has continued to pick up steam in recent years as certain aspects of daily life have become more bizarre. The theory has been the subject of much debate from philosophers, though many applied scientists have avoided the topic as it seemed unresearchable. That is, until a recent study conducted by University of Portsmouth scientist Melvin Vopson, which seems to reveal that his own Second Law of Infodynamics could theoretically prove the simulation theory to be true.

What Vopson Says

Vopson has studied theoretical concepts in physics for many years, and previously authored a formula for infodynamics which suggests a decrease in entropy over extended periods of time. If this is true, it serves to prove that the universe contains its own data optimization compression. For those of us who don’t speak egg-head, this means that laws dictating things like energy and order seem to level out in unexplainable ways, pointing toward the simulation theory being true.

Chaos Isn’t Chaotic Enough

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If the laws of physics are to be trusted, entropy–or the concept of chaos throughout the universe–should continue to expand with time, until it reaches an unmanageable pace. Vopson argues in his findings that not only has entropy not grown out of control, but that it has maintained a relative state of order, or even been reduced in value. While many non-scientists are content to take Vopson’s simulation theory at face value, it does seem impossible to truly prove one way or the other.

Things Do Seem Pretty Unhinged


Still, if a computer simulation is truly staggering the employment of entropy and chaos, it seems that the computer isn’t running with all its circuits these days. As stated, the simulation theory has gained steam online in recent years as a result of an increasingly bizarre world, where you sometimes find yourself making unhinged true statements like “honey, cast Facebook live to the smart TV, the QAnon Shaman has occupied the Capitol.”

Is This Just A New Religion?

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Plus, others have argued that the simulation theory is nothing but a new spin on the concept of religion, as the theory posits an all-knowing, all-creating force which is bigger than any of us, that created all life on Earth. Now that Vopson has delivered his thesis unto the world, other scientists will surely begin peer reviewing the data and authoring research of their own, but it ultimately feels like tugging on a loose thread that leads nowhere.

If It’s True… What Then?

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If humanity were to learn that all life as we know it really is the result of some kind of bizarre simulation, what would we even do with that information? Do we want to take control of the simulation to pilot our destiny elsewhere?

Escape from the program and re-enter the so-called “real world” where everything is backwards and unfamiliar like in The Matrix? Or shut the simulation down entirely and cause life as we know it to come to an abrupt and unsatisfying end?

We All Still Need To Get Out Of Bed

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The theory is certainly fascinating, and those studying the concept of simulations may stumble onto a myriad of complex scientific breakthroughs. Having said that, you definitely shouldn’t bank on the existence of a magical computer program to strip your actions of consequences, as you’ll likely still need to go to work on Monday regardless.

Source: Popular Mechanics