Netflix Losing Sci-Fi Masterpiece That Revolutionized Movies, Stream Before It’s Gone

By Jason Collins | Updated

The Matrix trilogy has truly revolutionized movies, and not just in terms of CGI, wirework, and special effects. On the surface, it shares some elements with James Cameron’s The Terminator, like the war against machines. However, the narrative and worldbuilding are infinitely more complex, centered around the nature of reality and illusions of free will. Unfortunately, the entire trilogy is leaving Netflix at the end of July, so gear up for one last streaming marathon before it’s gone.

The Matrix Changed Sci-Fi Forever

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In case you haven’t watched The Matrix trilogy, the narrative follows the story of Neo—portrayed by the internet’s sweetheart Keanu Reeves—as he discovers the truth about the reality he lives in and leads humanity against the machines that control humanity.

Well, this cinematographic gem is soon leaving Netflix, so whether you’re a die-hard fan of the franchise (which also includes the amazing Animatrix) or a complete newcomer, now is the perfect time to load up Netflix and stream all three movies before they’re removed from the platform.

The Nostalgia Sequel Was Also Fun

Following the release of 2021’s The Matrix Resurrection, which was a love letter to the original trilogy, The Matrix became a quadrilogy, but only the original trilogy is leaving the streamer. The original trilogy was a massive critical and commercial success, grossing approximately $1.6 billion worldwide, which translates to $3.22 billion when adjusted for inflation. It was massively influential in all the right ways, and not just for its “bullet-time” effects and impressive wire-fu action scenes but also for its deep philosophical themes.

A Single Mathematical Error

In fact, besides setting new standards in the moviemaking industry and inspiring generations of filmmakers, The Matrix birthed a massive worldwide fanbase, which to this day discusses the themes, meaning, and lore of the initial releases.

The entire trilogy lays out a narrative that tells a story about control and the illusion of free will, the impacts of a single, marginal error that accumulates to become a disruptive force. And all of that is nearly packed into a story about humanity’s resistance against the machines and Neo’s journey as humanity’s savior.

The Social Impact Of The Matrix


One of the things The Matrix became known for is its depictions of strong female characters, such as Carrie-Anne Moss’ portrayal of Trinity, which is now considered one of the most legendary female performances in action cinema. Not only that but the franchise—which might receive a Matrix 5—has also been widely accepted and embraced by non-binary and LGBT fans for its themes of identity and transformation, especially after the Wachowski sisters made their transition.

Leaving Netflix Soon

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There’s very little doubt that The Matrix had a massive influence on cinema and on the pop culture. Not only did it spawn various communities who still watch, discuss, and love the movies, but it also spewed a few video games and an animated movie that details the lives of certain characters and expands the film’s lore with stories about the beginning of the war between man and machine.

Those interested in revisiting this masterpiece can watch the entire The Matrix quadrilogy on Netflix before the original movies leave the platform.