The Creep Tapes Turns Serial Killer Franchise Into TV Series

By Douglas Helm | Updated

the creep tapes

Mark Duplass is reviving his Creep franchise with the upcoming TV series The Creep Tapes. The underrated Creep and Creep 2 concept will continue with the TV series, as Duplass’ nameless serial killer continues to dupe filmmakers into a deadly trap. The series is co-created by Duplass and Creep director and co-star Patrick Brice, who is also directing each episode of the upcoming series.

No Release Date

the creep tapes

The Creep Tapes is currently being shopped to potential buyers, so there’s no word on where the series will land. Which also means we’ll have to wait to find out a release date.

But this is definitely good news for Creep fans, as the last entry to the franchise was back in 2017 and there was no guarantee that Duplass would bring the franchise back.

Creep And Creep 2

The Creep franchise started in 2014 with Creep, which starred Duplass as a serial killer who hires filmmakers to document his day, only for them to find out later that they’re filming more than they expected.

The sequel was released in 2017 and followed Duplass as he brought a different filmmaker into his twisted scheme. The Creep Tapes will be an episodic series, with each episode focusing on a new filmmaker victim from the killer’s vault of videotapes.

Duplass Isn’t A Fan Of Creep 2 But Audiences And Critics Were

Mark Duplass previously indicated that he was interested in making a third film in the Creep franchise, but his issues with the second film gave him pause before moving forward.

In 2020, he spoke about the sequel, saying “I appreciate how many people liked it, but I do feel like it wasn’t as good as it could have been, if I’m being perfectly honest,” adding, “If we’re going to make a third one, it’d better be super inspired.”

While it seems like Duplass still isn’t ready to make another film, The Creep Tapes is arguably even better with plenty more hours of content than we would get from a film alone.

Although Mark Duplass may have some disappointment with Creep 2, audiences and critics felt the opposite with the sequel receiving even better reviews than the first movie.

If The Creep Tapes can continue to improve on this formula, then this could climb the list of one of the most-anticipated upcoming horror show releases out there. Now, we just have to wait for Duplass and Brice to find a buyer for the show.

Netflix Is A Potential Home

While Duplass and Brice are probably fielding their options for The Creep Tapes, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the series ends up on Netflix.

The first film ended up getting a global release on Netflix, where it likely found its biggest audience. Creep 2 also got the same treatment, appearing on Netflix after its video-on-demand release.

More Films?

The episodic nature of The Creep Tapes also seems like a perfect fit for the Netflix binge model, and it’s not hard to imagine it climbing the rankings quickly as a Netflix Original series release.

Plus, if The Creep Tapes gets enough attention on a streaming service and brings in a larger audience, that could mean we get another film sometime in the future. In any case, it’s good to see the Creep franchise back on track and you can stream the first two films on Netflix if you need to catch up on the series so far.

Source: IndieWire