See Julia Roberts’ Bizarre Dress Plastered With George Clooney’s Face

By Sean Thiessen | Published

Julia Roberts

The friendship of Julia Roberts and George Clooney is a true Hollywood treasure. As Clooney received an award for a lifetime of contribution to American culture at the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors, Julia Roberts celebrated her longtime co-star with a unique fashion statement. Roberts sported a custom Moschino gown smattered with pictures of George Clooney’s face.

The framed photos of Clooney that were printed on Julia Roberts’ dress showcased Clooney’s many looks over the course of his storied career, with one photo of a scrub-clad Clooney calling all the way back to the actor’s early days on ER in the mid-80s. Roberts was all smiles as she touted the farcical fashion piece down the red carpet. Julia Roberts is always one to draw eyes, but on this night, she leveraged that fact to keep the attention on her friend.

While Julia Roberts attended the ceremony primarily to honor George Clooney, the list of recipients impressed beyond the Up in the Air star. The members of U2 and singer Gladys Knight were among the artists recognized for their significant contributions to American society.  

The relationship between Julia Roberts and George Clooney goes back two decades. The star pair met in 2000 before beginning work on Ocean’s Eleven (2001). Since then, the duo has starred together in six films, the most recent of which being 2022’s Ticket to Paradise, in which they play a divorced couple that reunites to stop their daughter from marrying too young.

As reported by Deadline, the filming of Ticket to Paradise was interrupted at the top of 2022 due to a COVID-related production shutdown. The pause in filming left Julia Roberts stranded in Australia; she stayed alone in a rental just below George Clooney and his family. Roberts said that being a part of the Clooney bubble kept her spirits from succumbing to loneliness, as the isolation forced a long separation from her family.

julia roberts
George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Ticket to Paradise represents a return for Julia Roberts to the rom-com genre that made her famous. Best known for films like Pretty Woman and My Best Friend’s Wedding, Roberts has flexed her dramatic muscles in recent years with Ben Is Back, in which she plays the mother of a young man battling substance abuse, and Gaslit, a Starz series that examines the Watergate scandal from forgotten points of view. The latter is making a run at several prestigious television awards this season, including a nomination for Roberts for Best Actress in a Limited Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

For her next film, Julia Roberts teams with an all-star cast, including Kevin Bacon, Ethan Hawke, and Mahershala Ali for the family drama Leave the World Behind. Another onscreen reunion with George Clooney is not known to be in the works, but given the stars’ long history and strong friendship, fans can hold onto hope that this iconic duo will work together again soon.

Hollywood is notorious for toxic relationships, but Julia Roberts and George Clooney continue to be a bright spot for the entertainment industry. Whether the stars celebrate each other in interviews or with fashion choices, Julia Roberts and George Clooney represent one of the great celebrity friendships of our time.

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