The Worst Batman Also Coming Back For The Flash?

A new rumor suggests that an ex-Batman actor will make a surprise return in The Flash, leaving fans wondering if George Clooney will reprise the role.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

george clooney batman
George Clooney as Batman

The worst Batman of all time is often considered George Clooney, however, amid new rumors some are worried that we are not done with him just yet. With DC set to enter a new era after the upcoming The Flash movie, many are speculating who will play the Dark Knight in The Brave and the Bold. According to The Direct, some have hinted that the role may be reprised by George Clooney, and he will take to the big screen as DC’s permanent Batman. 

The actor played Batman in the 1997 film Batman & Robin, which has a dismal 12 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Many point to a bad script and poor directing as the reason why Batman couldn’t shine in the film, while others blame George Clooney for the flop. Fans agree that the actor struggled to capture the gritty ruggedness that has come to be expected from the Dark Knight. 

Batman‘s own George Clooney himself has come forward over the years to criticize the film. While the actor could have been phenomenal in the role, the movie’s execution ultimately ruined it for him. But that leaves fans to wonder if the star could be reprising the role in the new Batman movie. 

batman george clooney
Batman & Robin

Fans finally got to see the full-length The Flash trailer, which aired during the Super Bowl. In the film, Barry Allen goes back in time and ends up in a parallel universe. Multiple Batman characters, and possibly George Clooney, can be expected in the movie, with both Micheal Keaton and Ben Affleck’s portrayals seen in the trailer.

However, speculation over just how many different Dark Knights will be seen in The Flash has been circulating. Entertainment insider Grace Randolph sparked the Batman George Clooney rumors in a tweet theorizing what fans might expect for the end of The Flash. The tweet noted that there might be a Batman cameo at the end of the film.

The Batman tweet was accompanied by three pictures depicting Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney. Randolph went on to note that whichever Batman does the cameo may end up being DC’s next permanent Batman. But that leaves fans wondering which portrayal they can expect in the upcoming The Brave and the Bold film. 

Multiple personalities, including Batman-on-film’s founder Bill “Jett” Ramey, publicist and producer Clint Morris have all chimed in on the issue. Some speculate that an older Batman will be in the upcoming film. Batman was about 40 in The Dark Night and estimated to be around 50 in Batman V Superman, leaving some to estimate the character will be in his late 50s in the upcoming installment. 

At 61 years old, he would be just the right age to portray an aging Batman accurately. However, James Gunn later took to Twitter to announce that the next Batman would not be George Clooney.

Fans might just have to wait a little bit longer to see who the next Batman will be and whether or not George Clooney reprises the role. With The Brave and the Bold still a few years away, set to release sometime in 2025, fans will have to be patient. Until then, we can still enjoy the range of Dark Knights set to appear in The Flash.