Amy Adams Shares Bad News About Her Return As Lois Lane

Amy Adams reveals that she would love to return as Lois Lane, but DC has not approached her about it.

By James Brizuela | Published

Everyone in the DC-loving world, and the Henry Cavill-loving world, was ecstatic to find out that Cavill would be returning as Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe. We have reported that Cavill’s return will also bring in a new origin story for the Last Son of Krypton as well, which means that could effectively retcon everything that happened in Man of Steel. Now, more bad news in regard to that movie, as Amy Adams has revealed that she has not been approached to reprise her role as Lois lane.

According to Amy Adams, “They haven’t spoken to me about it.” She added, “If it’s me, great. If it’s somebody else, the role of Lois has been filled by so many wonderful actresses in the past so I’ll support whatever direction they go.”

Amy Adams

This is certainly the right attitude to have, though we are sure that Amy Adams would love to return to DC as Lois Lane and be the love interest of Cavill’s Superman. However, considering the news that the “new” Superman will be given a brand-new origin story, it could mean that Adams’s version of Lois Lane will not be included to not confuse the audience about this new plan for Superman moving forward.

While there are plenty of fans, us included, that liked Amy Adams as Lois Lane, it makes sense that DC and James Gunn would want to take things in a new direction. Granted, Henry Cavill is still in the lead role, but everything around him might be completely new, including those actors that he met previously. Personally, we would love to see Michael Shannon return as General Zod, though that is unlikely to happen at this point.

Henry Cavill appeared as Superman in Black Adam and confirmed his return to the role on October 24th in a social media post. This new deal for Cavill also led to him passing over the role of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher to Liam Hemsworth, must to the chagrin of the Witcher fanbase. With that, DC is now listening to pitches from writers about this new direction for the Superman franchise, and that likely will not include Amy Adams returning.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav hired James Gunn and Peter Safran to be co-CEOs of the DC Films division and stated that DC is now going to be enacting a “10-year” plan that is meant to build DC into something like what the MCU has become under Kevin Feige’s leadership. This new plan is likely going to wipe away past movies excluding Black Adam, Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, and The Flash. The said issue is that it means there will be no Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill and Amy Adams happening.

We are just speculating at this point, and for all we know, DC and WBD might approach Amy Adams to ask her to return as Lois Lane for this brand-new Superman movie. However, with Superman pitches being heard currently, it means that the development of this new movie is certainly going to take some time to happen. We would even be fine if the cast of Man of Steel came back, and we are also fine with DC completely changing things around and bringing in a brand-new host of actors for the iconic Superman roles.