Amy Adams Has The Most Popular Movie On Netflix

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

amy adams

Amy Adams doesn’t necessarily strike you as the psychological thriller type of actress if you’ve seen some of her earlier work. But seeing as how she can act with the best of them, really any genre is in her wheelhouse at this point. This is why it isn’t all that surprising that her latest movie, one that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. is crushing it on streaming right now. That’s right, The Woman in the Window is number one in the United States on Netflix, turning in amazing viewing numbers through its first weekend on the platform. 

The Woman in the Window follows Amy Adams as Dr. Anna Fox, a woman who lives in New York City but isn’t able to enjoy the bustling nature of the Big Apple. That’s because she’s got the agoraphobia real bad and refuses to ever leave her house. Instead she becomes an observer of the neighborhood, not so much spying on those around her but rather keeping close tabs on their comings and goings because of curiosity, boredom, jealously and all the other feelings that crop up when you feel like you can’t go outside. 

amy adams

It doesn’t take long for her to start noticing strange things about her new neighbors, with the very acute idea that they aren’t everything they seem. Amy Adams though in this film does have trouble trusting herself and her intuitions about these new folks because she’s also a heavy drinker and there’s a sense that she’s, at times, creating some of her own reality based on her circumstances. But things really go off the rails when she witnesses a murder only to find out she might be getting gaslit. It’s going to start twisting with her mind and the viewers as well. Here, check out the trailer for The Woman in the Window. 

You can see that this film will have you twisted up and spit out almost before it even gets started. Amy Adams plays the part perfectly of a woman maybe going mad, or being driven that way by those around her that are obfuscating the truth on a conspiratorial and dangerous level. Nothing is as it appears and it’s unclear if Amy Adams is descending into her own psychosis or merely a pawn in a much bigger problem. In this way, The Woman in the Window is a psychological thriller all the way through. You won’t just jump in the trailer, you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie. 

Director Joe Wright has a number of great movies under his belt but this his first foray into the armchair gripping world of a woman being driven to madness. Between his pacing and head fakes that include a constant wondering if what Amy Adams is seeing, or something she’s conjuring in her mind is what makes the film work on a number of different levels, all of them intense. 

amy adams

Joining Amy Adams in the cast is a veritable who’s who of great talent. There’s Gary Oldman as Alistair Russell, her new neighbor who is hiding some care secrets. And then there’s the question of just who is Jane from across the street. Is the real one Julianne Moore who we meet at the beginning or Jennifer Jason Leigh who apparently is the “real” Jane? See what I mean. Also in the cast are Anthony Mackie, Brian Tyree Henry, Wyatt Russell, and Tracy Letts. 

Now just because this movie does dial up the intensity and the question marks, doesn’t mean critics saw it the same way Netflix viewers are watching it in droves. It’s sitting pretty low on the critical rankings at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and 39 on Metacritic. This feels a bit too low for what the movie brings in terms of its story and the acting from the leads is top notch. Is it perfect? No, but it does accomplish much of what it sets out to do which is keep you guessing.

Fresh on her turn reprising the role of Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Amy Adams has some other work on the way as well. She’ll be starring in the feature film adaptation of Dear Evan Hanson and she’ll also be starring in the Disney film Disenchanted. Those have very different feels than this current movie which again just points to her fantastic talent. Join the others on Netflix in checking out her latest, The Woman in the Window.