The DCU Batman Fans Want Is Way Too Old

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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Now that the DCU has its Superman (David Corenswet), fans have started speculating on who James Gunn might get to play the next Dark Knight. Names like Alan Ritchson and Jake Gyllenhaal keep popping up online as popular choices for the new Caped Crusader. The problem is when it comes to playing the DCU version of Batman, they’re just too old.

Fancasting Is Aimed At The Wrong Age Bracket

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That also goes for Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles, Jon Hamm, and any of the other actors over 40 who would otherwise make a great Bruce Wayne. Why does everyone want the DCU Batman to be old and beefy again? Isn’t that what everyone hated about Batfleck?

Because here’s the thing: older Batman almost always means tired Batman. Weary Batman. A Batman who has seen some stuff and has lost most of his hope and optimism as a result. In other words, the dour vigilante from Batman v Superman, who literally brands criminals so other criminals will seek them out and kill them in prison.

I get that Alan Ritchson kicks a lot of butt as Jack Reacher, but do you want Snyderverse Batman? Because that’s how you get Snyderverse Batman

Batman And Superman Should Be Close In Age

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I know Superman (2025) isn’t an origin story, but it will still be the hero’s early days. And while James Gunn doesn’t have to cast someone exactly the same age as David Corenswet to play the DCU iteration of Batman, the actor shouldn’t be too much older. Otherwise, you’ll get that weird Snyderverse dynamic of a young, wet, behind-the-ears Superman and a veteran Dark Knight.


The first Batman film James Gunn announced for the DCU was The Brave and the Bold. The team-up movie will feature not only Batman but also his son, Damien, AKA Robin. I can only assume that fans want the DCU Batman to be middle-aged so he’s old enough to be a father.

And I get that, but Batman in his prime is around 29-34 years old. Provided Damien is around 10 years old, like he was when he was introduced in the comics, it’s definitely doable. For those who don’t know, Damien was the product of a fling between Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul early in Batman’s career.

Old Man Batman

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It’s entirely conceivable for the DCU version of Batman to conceive Damien in his late teens or early 20s and still be around 30 when The Brave and the Bold takes place. If Gunn is smart, that will be the approach he takes. Otherwise, why make a big deal about the DCU being a new thing if it’s still going to have old-man Bats brooding all over the place?

A Younger, Bolder Caped Crusader

And yeah, I know that the DCU’s Batman being a 46-year-old Jensen Ackles doesn’t mean he’ll automatically act like Frank Miller, but what’s the alternative? An optimistic Batman who started crime-fighting at the ripe old age of 38? You can either have a younger, swashbuckling Caped Crusader or an older, psychotic Dark Knight, but you can’t have both.

So let’s hope that James Gunn picks someone closer to David Corenswet (30) than Alan Ritchson (41). Otherwise, it will be Batfleck 2.0. Honestly, who wants that?