Chris Pratt Confirms DCU Appearance

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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With James Gunn going from directing Marvel movies to directing DC movies, it feels like an erosion of the brand loyalty that many crew and actors have seemed to have towards the two rivals. Gunn already made a big impact at Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy, and now he is preparing to do the same at DC with the upcoming Superman. But it seems he is not the only person with Marvel ties looking to try out for the other team, as Chris Pratt has recently confirmed he would absolutely do a DCU movie at this point in his career.

It Seems Likely

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The jump does make sense for Chris Pratt, as he has close ties with James Gunn from his time playing Star-Lord. Seeing as how Gunn enjoyed him enough to feature him as the lead of an entire trilogy, you would have to imagine Chris Pratt would have a place in the DCU if he really wanted. And Pratt is evidently making it clear he does want it.

Pratt Speaks

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When directly asked about potentially joining the DCU, Pratt said, “Well, it probably makes more sense that I would be Star Lord again.” But after thinking it over, Chris Pratt decided the DCU sounded pretty good to him. “But anything is possible, and especially with James over at DC. Maybe there’s something that would be right over there. Maybe both. How about both? Let’s do both. I think it’s 100 percent both.”

Why Not Guard Both Galaxies?

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While Pratt was obviously being playful, it is hard to imagine him not taking that opportunity if something was offered to him. Especially if Superman performs well and the DCU gets off to a strong start, why wouldn’t someone like Chris Pratt want to get in on the momentum of the new DCU?

And it is not like this is the first time he has thought about doing so. In the past, Pratt has joked that multiple Guardians of the Galaxy cast members might make the jump to the other side. “If James thought I was right for it, then you know that I would have to consider it,” said Pratt.

Nothing Official

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Unfortunately, right now all of this is just fun banter. There is no official word on Chris Pratt having any legitimate role in the DCU’s future. There were rumors that Pratt might wind up playing Michael Carter / Booster Gold, and he has said he would be open to considering that possibility, but there has been no further word on the subject.

One fun side effect of the DCU being rebooted is that fans have plenty of room to speculate who might wind up playing each of the heroes and villains this time around.

Other Work

For the time being, Pratt is enjoying his stint of playing more animated characters. He had the honor of playing Mario in the highly successful The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and next up he will be playing Garfield himself in The Garfield Movie. Getting into voice work does allow Pratt to try out some new avenues beyond his usual niche of action movies.

But one would have to imagine Chris Pratt would still jump at the chance to play someone like Green Lantern in the new DCU. We likely won’t know more until after Superman releases next year, but it will be exciting to see who is announced to play DC’s remaining roster of superheroes.