Booster Gold: All We Know About The DC Series

The Booster Gold series is coming in the DC Cinematic Universe but is currently not cast and does not have a release date.

By Doug Norrie | Published

A Booster Gold series is coming and this could be the perfect DC vehicle. It’s been a time of great flux for the DC Cinematic Universe and Warner Bros. in general with multiple series and movies canceled or pivoted in terms of timelines.

But with all this recent uncertainty has finally come a stabilizing force in the form of James Gunn and Peter Safran who’ve taken the reigns and now seem to have a clear path forward. It includes multiple movie and television projects and one of them is a Booster Gold series, a potential show about a hero of a different ilk in the DC Universe.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the Booster Gold series, the character’s background, and how things could play out for a television series around this dude. Plus, what to expect from the DC Cinematic Universe in general over the coming years. 


We already knew that James Gunn and Peter Safran had been hired to take the DC Cinematic Universe and bring it together, streamline it, and make it more cohesive like what’s happened with Marvel.

In the midst of this transformation, we saw a number of high-profile projects get canceled or scrapped altogether. Batgirl was already shot and $100 million into its budget when it was canceled. 

Additionally, it doesn’t look like we are going to see Dwayne Johnson back as Black Adam and Henry Cavill is out as Superman. How the rest of the Justice League shakes out is still somewhat up in the air, but things are definitely changing for the studio.

It looks like we finally have a plan for how DC will shape its next few years in terms of stories, both on the big screen and in the form of television series. As part of its Gods and Monsters timeline, DC will bring Superman: Legacy, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, The Authority, and Swamp Thing to the big screen.

On the television series side of things, they have other titles as well with Creature Commandos, Waller, Lanterns, Paradise Lost, and of course, the Booster Gold series.

It’s an impressive lineup that has DC fans rightfully excited about what’s to come here and how things will begin tying back together.

James Gunn did say that The Flash would work to reset the DC Cinematic Universe timeline and from there, things would start to look all-new, at least in terms of how characters and stories overlap in this world.

He was careful to mention that franchises like Matt Reeves’s The Batman and Todd Phillips’s The Joker would be separate entities, existing under the DC Elseworlds banner.

In all, this massive influx of new stories, characters, movies, and series could be just what the DC Cinematic Universe needs. And considering how James Gunn has handled Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad franchises, we know vehicles like the Booster Gold series are in good hands.


booster gold

The Booster Gold series will be based on a character first introduced in the comics back in 1986. His story is pretty hilarious in how it juxtaposes against some other heroes in the franchise.

Basically, Michael Jon Carter is a dude living in the 25th Century whose life has gone completely sideways. But he ends up studying up on 21st-century heroes (the ones we know and love), stealing a bunch of future tech, and time-traveling back into our time to make himself famous.

His motivations, at least to start, are nearly 100 percent self-serving. He wants to have a bunch of cool powers, save some people, and then use that fame to get rich. James Gunn had a pretty perfect way to describe Booster Gold during the initial DC announcement.

James Gunn said, “Booster Gold is one of comics’ really popular cult heroes. He’s a fascinating guy. He’s a loser from the future who uses future technology to come back to the present day and become a superhero so people will love him. It is basically the superhero version of imposter syndrome.”

And that pretty much sums it up. From a series standpoint, this character has a number of hilarious ways to go. For starters, he inserts himself into the timeline with knowledge of events that will happen, positioning himself as a savior for when things go bad. But it doesn’t all go right for him.

The name Booster Gold comes from the name he originally wanted to give himself (Goldstar) and his high school football nickname (Booster).


As of this writing, the announcement around the Booster Gold series was very new and there wasn’t much of anything in terms of concrete info about casting. The timeline will take a number of years with this project, but speculation had already started about who could play the character. 

The first name that came to fans’ minds was Chris Pratt. There were a few obvious reasons this would be among the top names on a fan list. For starters, we know that Chris Pratt and James Gunn have had a fruitful (and frankly, amazing) working relationship already with the former playing Peter Quill/Starlord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise for Marvel.

Additionally, the front-running and ego-driven vibes are very similar between the two characters of Booster Gold and Peter Quill, meaning it wouldn’t seem like there would be all that heavy a lift to reform some of the same style in order to take on the new role. 

That being said, it’s unlikely to happen for a number of different reasons. Pratt will be older by the time this actually hits screens and casting a younger, playboy-type might fit the mold a bit better. 

We have seen other versions of Booster Gold before on the small screen, though it’s unlikely any of these guys will return. Eric Martsolf played the character on Smallville and Donald Faison was Booster Gold in the Arrowverse.


Again, we are very early on in the timeline around this series. It looks like the earliest some of the new projects will come is in 2025. That is probably at least the correct starting point for a Booster Gold series.