Henry Cavill’s Superman Meets His Replacement, See the Confrontation

By Jason Collins | Updated


David Corenswet and Henry Cavill’s respective versions of Supermen just met in a fantastic piece of Superman fan art, though, judging by a rather hefty object Cavill’s Superman is prepared to drop on unsuspecting Corenswet indicates that the meeting isn’t going to be very pleasant for those involved.

Worth A 1000 Words

Shared by Aaron S Bailey on X, the artwork sees Corenswet’s Superman sitting down and putting a boot on—a still taken from the newest cinematic iteration of Superman—while Henry Cavill’s Superman stands outside looking like he’s ready to throw a chunk of a rocket at Corenswet.

This is a pretty interesting piece of art that points towards the fandom’s dissatisfaction caused by WB’s decision to replace Henry Cavill as the Last Son of Krypton and bring in David Corenswet as the next Superman after it has been announced that Cavill will reprise his role.

The Sad Saga Of Cavill’s Superman

henry cavill

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting image. For those who aren’t really familiar with what exactly is going on, following the announcement of Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher and his appearance in the post-credit scene of Black Adam, it was alleged that Cavill is once again reprising his role as the Man of Steel, presumably in a standalone Henry Cavill’s Superman sequel.

However, James Gunn quickly disproved those rumors, stating that Cavill was never actually hired to return as Superman and, thus, hasn’t been fired from the role, as many have initially thought.

A Fresh Start

DC Zack Snyder

Gunn also added that the story he’s making now, as the new lead of the new DCU, never implied Henry Cavill’s Superman for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the complete creative break from the previously released cinematic content, which involved not only Henry Cavill but also a whole range of different actors and their respective films, all of which played nicely into Justice League movies.

James Gunn Likes Henry Cavill

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James Gunn enjoyed Henry Cavill’s Superman. He says that the actor is an overall great guy—an epithet worthy of anyone adapting anything from the Warhammer franchise—adding that the former regime at WB and several other industry players severely wronged Cavill and his vision of the character. As for the upcoming Superman Legacy, the one starring David Corenswet, Gunn stated that the movie wouldn’t spend minutes focusing on Clark Kent’s origins, and honestly, why should it?

No Origin In Gunn’s Movie

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Everyone knows who Kal-El is and where he’s from, and Henry Cavill’s Superman did a great job of providing Clark Kent with an origin story despite not being connected to the upcoming movie. Gunn also shared his reasons for not unveiling Superman’s costume—though many fans and digital artists have dressed David Corenswet’s version of the character in Henry Cavill Superman’s suit—despite fandom’s pressure. Also, the movie hasn’t come out for over a year, so why spoil the surprise?

On top of everything, Gunn also promised that the upcoming Superman movie wouldn’t feel like a Guardians of the Galaxy film. Superman Legacy is scheduled to release in theaters on July 11, 2025.