Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Series Nowhere To Be Seen, Being Lost To History

By Christopher Isaac | Published

Sometimes the pieces of media that have some of the most important impacts do not always stick around that long or get recognized as widely as their successors do. That is the case with the short-lived 1994 sci-fi TV show Earth 2. Though it only lasted for 21 episodes, it still broke new ground in a variety of ways, including being the first sci-fi TV show to include a female commander in its cast of characters.

The Search For Another Earth-Like Planet

Earth 2, as the name suggests, focuses on an expedition in search of a planet similar to the Earth that we know. That is because, in this future universe, humanity has become plagued by an illness called the Syndrome. The disease kills people seemingly at random.

It inflicts the son of the show’s protagonist, Devon Adair, and the boy’s life hangs in the balance. Commander Adair and her crew are in search of this new Earth-like planet because they believe that it holds a cure for this illness that can save the commander’s son and many more like him.

Earth 2 Is Hard To Get Your Hands On

If you are intrigued by what you have heard about Earth 2 so far and are interested in checking it out, one piece of bad news about the show is that it is not currently available for streaming anywhere. In yet another testament to the importance of the preservation of physical media, the only way to currently watch Earth 2 right now is by finding a copy of the series on DVD.

If not for people who saved their DVDs of the show when it was made available on home media back in 2005, Earth 2 would be lost to the void right now.

Earth 2 Beat Captain Janeway

star trek kate mulgrew

With the mention of Earth 2 having the first female commander in a sci-fi show, some might be scratching their heads. Star Trek fans are no doubt thinking of Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager. While it is true that Captain Janeway and Commander Adair first appeared on TV around the same time, Earth 2 actually came out before Star Trek: Voyager by about two months, narrowly being the first of the two to claim that historic milestone in sci-fi.

An Untimely Cancellation

Despite its historical significance, it is true that Earth 2 did not fare so well critically when it first came out, hence why it only has 21 episodes. It was canceled after one season due to declining viewership. However sci-fi fans should be well aware that a show only getting one season does not mean it was not good.

The cult classic Firefly was in the same boat, and many still call the show one of their favorite TV series to this day. It should also be noted that on Rotten Tomatoes, Earth 2 currently has a 100 percent approval rating based on audience scores.

Earth 2 Featured Hollywood Veterans Clancy Brown And Tim Curry

Earth 2 also had a talented cast for its short run, featuring Debrah Farentino (Eureka) as the lead role of Devon Adair. Other notable names include Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redemption, Carnivale), and even guest stars like Tim Curry. If you have not seen Earth 2, hopefully it will come to a streaming platform soon enough, but in the meantime, it might be time to dust off the DVD player to watch it via home media.