The Star Wars Crossover That Can Save Two Franchises

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

Return of the Jedi

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it opened the door for a number of potential crossovers. The X-Men vs Avengers, The Simpsons meet Phineas and Ferb, and even It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia X The Muppets are all—no matter how unlikely—possible post-merger. Of all the wacky pairings that Disney is now free to Frankenstein together, one particular crossover not only makes the most sense but could breathe new life into two stale properties: Star Wars vs. Alien.

The Xenomorphs Get Around


For starters, Dark Horse Comics, owner of the comic rights to the Alien franchise for decades before Marvel bought Fox, used to put the xenomorphs in every franchise they could. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Judge Dredd, The Terminator, and more have all crossed paths with the acid-bleeders. To say nothing of all the times they crossed over with Fox’s other big alien franchise, Predator.

Star Wars Is Due For A Good Crossover

star wars

Alien is ripe for crossover potential with any franchise in which space travel is a reality, and there’s potential for someone to stumble across a mysterious egg while exploring a new location. And while Star Wars has so far been a little more guarded when it comes to crossovers—pretty much just The Muppets, Phineas and Ferb, and *sigh* Fortnite—it is by far the most obvious franchise for Disney’s first Alien crossover.

The Jedi Vs. The Xenomorphs

star wars

Just think of the possibilities! Jedi exploring an abandoned temple on an outer rim world run into a nest of eggs. One gets impregnated with a chest burster, and the resulting offspring is the first xenomorph with force sensitivity. Conversely, the aliens are such perfect lifeforms that the force doesn’t have any effect on them.

Vader Vs. The Face-Huggers


Now picture the same scenario only it’s Darth Vader and a squad of Stormtroopers. One by one, the troopers are hit with face huggers until Vader is the only one left on account of his non-organic material being inhospitable for xenomorph incubation. As a result, the hunters become the hunted as a blood lusted Darth Vader makes it his personal quest to find and exterminate every alien on the planet.

Get Away From Her You LURDO!


Alien vs. Star Wars is a scenario that’s ripe with potential. Remember how the Ewoks worked together to take down AT-STs and other machines much larger and more powerful than themselves during the battle of Endor? What if you replaced the walkers with an alien queen? Can’t you just picture a queen pursuing an Ewok only to hit a trip line, triggering two logs to swing down—one on each side of her head—crushing her oversized cranium?

Rancor/Xenomorph Offspring

How about Jabba the Hutt pitting his Rancor against a trio of xenomorphs some exotic alien trader brought to Tattooine? An unhatched egg the trader brought somehow ends up in the rancor pit, and a face hugger attaches to the giant beast. The creature that bursts out of that poor Rancor’s chest would be epic.

Who wouldn’t want to see a giant, Rancor-sized xenomorph running around causing havoc?

Comics Or Disney+?

The most obvious place for this crossover to happen would be in the pages of a comic book. Depending on whether or not it was successful, however, we could easily see an Alien vs. Star Wars Disney+ series or even potentially a movie. C’mon Disney, it can’t do worse than The Marvels!

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