Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd
  • Established: 1977
  • Created By: John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra
  • Status: Active

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Netflix Users Must Stream The Best Sci-Fi Action Thriller In Years Before It’s Gone

Netflix has a wide spread of post-apocalyptic science-fiction action films in its catalog, and if you’re new to the genre, …

4 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Action Thriller Fans Still Want To See Continue

In 2012, the sci-fi action film, Dredd, brought to life the iconic character from the 2000 AD comic strip, Judge …

4 months ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Dystopian Blockbuster Deserves More Sequels Than Robocop

2012’s Dredd is streaming now on Netflix, and it is time to take a look back at this wild action …

8 months ago

the boys season 3

The Karl Urban Sci-Fi Action Film On Netflix That Deserves A Sequel

Oh, snap your seatbelt on, because we are heading into the gritty, dystopian streets of Mega-City One! Grab your popcorn …

9 months ago

dredd 2 karl urban

Karl Urban Finally Returning For Dredd 2?

Karl Urban is arguably the best Judge Dredd that has appeared on the big screen, and now the man has been hinting that he could appear in Dredd 2.

2 years ago

alan grant

A Batman Icon Has Passed Away

His body of work speaks for itself.

2 years ago

the boys karl urban wolverine

Karl Urban Returning To His Best Character?

Karl Urban is enjoying massive success as Billy Butcher in The Boys, but he was also part of another iconic comic adaptation, and he could be cast to return in that adaptation.

2 years ago

We Want Karl Urban But Judge Dredd’s New TV Series Is Making This Huge Mistake

Karl Urban might return as Judge Dredd, but this new rumor might throw a wrench in those plans.

4 years ago

Dredd 2 Officially Happening As A Judge Dredd TV Show

A Judge Dredd TV show is coming. Honest.

4 years ago

judge dredd feature

Judge Dredd: Why The Big Budget Failure Deserves A Second Look

Judge Dredd is a movie that almost no one wants to defend. A box office flop and a critical disaster, …

4 years ago

Dredd Superfiend

Watch The Trailer For Dredd: Superfiend Web Series

Yesterday we showed off a first look at the upcoming unofficial Dredd sequel Dredd: Superfiend, and the general consensus is …

10 years ago

Comic(s) Relief: 2000AD Hits 1900 Issues, Celebrates With Freebies

When the name of your magazine is 2000AD and the number of issues is only 1,000 behind your title, that’s …

10 years ago

The Purge

Cross The Streams With Wil Wheaton, The Purge, And Animated Star Trek

Check out what’s new in streaming sci-fi!

10 years ago

Dredd Fanmade Spinoff Isn’t The Sequel We’re Waiting For, But Don’t Hold That Against It

The following video is NSFW for F-bombs and some awesomely bloody gunplay. There doesn’t have to be an all-knowing God …

11 years ago

Guillermo Del Toro Celebrates A Birthday, Probably With Giant Robots: Today In Science And Science Fiction

Plus, find out what’s new on TV and the comics shelves!

11 years ago

Dredd ain't happy!

Judge Dredd Comic Book Publishers Back Sequel Petition

Last summer, the film reboot of Judge Dredd, simply titled Dredd, hit theaters to very little fanfare or audience attention. …

11 years ago

A Dredd Sequel Needs Your Support And Your Signature

Last year’s Dredd was way too damn good to be relegated to history as a dismal box office failure. Not …

11 years ago

National Intelligence Council Believes Cyborgs And MegaCities Will Be A Reality In 2030

The world of Judge Dredd will soon be a reality. Scientists and futurists of the U.S. intelligence community say cyborgs, …

11 years ago

How Mega-City One Was Created In Dredd 3D

Although Dredd 3D has now come and gone from theaters, we still think it’s one of the best SF action-adventure …

12 years ago

Club Dredd: Five Science Fiction Comics That Should Follow In Judge Dredd’s Footsteps

If Judge Dredd can get made twice, these deserve to get made at least once.

12 years ago

Judge Dredd Costume Designs By Gianni Versace

Pete Travis’ Dredd promised to be a darker, grittier, altogether more accurate interpretation of 2000AD’s comic book than Sylvester Stallone’s …

12 years ago