Dredd 2 Officially Happening As A Judge Dredd TV Show

A Judge Dredd TV show is coming. Honest.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Judge Dredd TV Show

It has been three year since it was announced, but a Judge Dredd TV show is coming. Honest.

Jason Kingsley is the CEO of Rebellion, the company with control of the franchise rights to Judge Dredd. He recently went on the YouTube show V2A Emergency Broadcast System (V2A EBS), a show that dedicates itself to everything post-apocalyptic, to update fans on what they have been hearing for three years now, via Movieweb.

Kingsley says, “I want there to be a sequel [to 2012 movie Dredd]. We’ve got the rights back so we can do it, we’ve just got to get rid of this virus thing that’s going on at the moment, and then hopefully things can kick off in all sorts of different areas of making film and TV, it’s just, it’s all very messed up at the moment for everybody. A lot of work has been done on all sorts of different scripts actually. So Mega-City One the TV show. Basically, we can’t go into production because of the [situation] and we’ve got scripts and everything is ready to go but the problem is, because of the [situation] and everybody’s funding changes and everybody’s shifting around.”

This “situation” he speaks of is none other than the COVID problem we have all been facing. But it does seem like they are ready to rock and roll once they get the clearance.

But Kingsley is not stopping at just starting production on the series. He has bigger goals in mind for the show. When the subject was broached about Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby possibly making guest starring appearances, Kingsley said absolutely, but he didn’t stop with just those two. “Well if we can get people back, you know, we even joked that it would be quite fun to get Stallone back,” he told V2A EBS.

Dredd 2 TV

So, the series is written and ready to shoot. There are no actors attached at the moment, but Kingsley does have his wish-list. Would Stallone and Urban be up for it? Urban, with his great work on The Boys and being used to working on a series, seems to be more likely to return as Judge Dredd. Stallone, on the other hand, seems to be set on features. But one never knows, and it can’t hurt to ask.

Kingsley also mentioned that while they are ready to shoot, they do not have a streaming service or network that has given them the green light. He did say that they were “quite a long way down the road” with a number of potential suitors but nothing has been set. We’ve waited three years, what’s another couple. Let’s just hope we get a chance to see Mega-City One in the near future.



Sylvester Stallone brought comic book character Judge Dredd to life in the 1995 sci-fi action movie of the same name. Stallone plays the character in typical Stallone fashion, as he is judge, jury, and executioner in the crime-ridden metropolis called Mega-City One. Things are going swimmingly for Dredd, until he is framed for murder by his psychotic half-brother Rico.

In 2012 Karl Urban (The Boys) played judge, jury and executioner in the movie Dredd. Once again based on the comic book character, Urban’s Judge Dredd this time finds himself having to evaluate a new recruit. This evaluation leads the two to a 200-story slum building that is run by drug lord Ma-Ma. Dredd and the new recruit must fight their way through and out of the building.