The Karl Urban Sci-Fi Action Film On Netflix That Deserves A Sequel

By Steven Nelson | Updated

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Oh, snap your seatbelt on, because we are heading into the gritty, dystopian streets of Mega-City One! Grab your popcorn (and maybe a little security blanket) as we gear up to dive into the raw and rugged world of Dredd. In this adrenaline-pumping ride, Karl Urban dons the helmet and deadpan expression of the legendary Judge Dredd, a role he slips into with a kind of grim charm that’s simply irresistible. 

Karl Urban stars in Dredd streaming on Netflix

Here,  the line between lawman and executioner is razor thin. Streaming now on Netflix, Dredd is the gritty reboot that is here to judge whether you are ready for its level of action and excitement! So, are you prepared to meet the law incarnate? Because, trust us, he’s more than ready to meet you.

In the not-so-distant future, society has consolidated into vast urban jungles where crime proliferates and justice seems a scarce commodity. Enter the Judges, an elite force vested with the combined powers of judge, jury, and executioner, maintaining what little order remains in this dystopian world. 

karl urban dredd

At the heart of our tale is the iconic Judge Dredd, portrayed with gritty perfection by Karl Urban, who has made it his life’s mission to bring justice to the chaotic streets of Mega-City One.

Joining Karl Urban in Dredd are Cassandra Anderson and Lena Headey

Our relentless judge pairs up with the newbie, Cassandra Anderson, a recruit with potent psychic abilities, bringing a fresh and nuanced layer to the narrative. Played by the splendid Olivia Thirlby, Anderson is in the throes of her assessment, trying to prove her mettle in the grim world the Judges govern.

The storyline thickens when Karl Urban’s Dredd responds to a triple homicide call at the 200-story slum tower block named Peach Trees. This gloomy structure is under the rule of the merciless drug lord Ma-Ma, a role chillingly portrayed by Lena Headey.

Ma-Ma is the mastermind behind the new drug sweeping the city, Slo-Mo, which makes the user feel as though time has slowed down to a fraction of its normal pace.

dredd 2 karl urban
Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is responsible for both convicting and punishing the criminals of Mega-City One.

In an attempt to retain her stronghold, Ma-Ma locks down the building, forcing Dredd and Anderson to fight their way up, floor by floor, facing an army of thugs and criminals. It’s a ruthless battle for survival, with the stakes sky high. The movie doesn’t shy away from depicting the visceral violence and the grim realities of this future society.

Dredd delivers relentless action, paired with a bleak yet fascinating visualization of a post-apocalyptic society. It’s a nail-biting journey where the line between good and evil blurs, and justice comes from the barrel of a gun. Prepare yourself for a cinematic ride that’s as intense as it is exhilarating!

Karl Urban’s Dredd Was A Remake Of Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd

Certainly, stepping into the cinematic world of Mega-City One, one can’t help but remember its first incarnation, where Sylvester Stallone donned the iconic helmet as Judge Dredd back in 1995. 

That version, while packing a punch with its star power and special effects of the time, was met with a lukewarm reception due to its deviation from the source material and its somewhat campy approach. Critics and fans alike felt it didn’t quite encapsulate the dark and gritty essence of the original comic series.

judge dredd stallone
Sylvester Stallon’s Judge Dredd

Fast forward to 2012, and we have Dredd, a bold reimagining that doesn’t just toe the line but leaps headfirst into the grim, uncompromising world created in the comic series. Karl Urban’s portrayal of the titular character feels closer to home for fans of the comics, delivering a no-nonsense, stoic, and somewhat mysterious figure, who stands as an unwavering beacon of justice in a city overridden by crime.

The 2012 iteration seemed to get a lot right, providing a more faithful adaptation of the beloved character. It managed to blend relentless action with a dark and gritty narrative, creating a world that felt both harrowing and immersive. Yet, despite its artistic successes, it didn’t exactly set the box office alight, causing potential sequels to be shelved.

However, one cannot overlook the growing cult following that has developed in the years since its release, championing for a sequel. This growing fan base ardently argues that Dredd laid a solid foundation that is ripe for expansion, with an entire universe left to explore. Urban’s Dredd is a character with layers yet to be peeled back, operating in a world with stories yet to be told.

Moreover, the open-ended nature of the original movie leaves a tantalizing possibility for a sequel, one where we could delve deeper into the complex law system of Mega-City One, explore the intricacies of Dredd’s character, and perhaps even venture beyond the confines of the city.

A sequel would be a golden opportunity to build upon the rich lore established not only in the 2012 movie but also within the extensive history of the comic series.

Therefore, one can only hope that the growing clamor finds a listening ear among the studios, giving fans a chance to ride alongside Judge Dredd once more, in what could potentially unfold as a dark yet captivating saga of justice in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

For now, check out Karl Urban and Dredd streaming on Netflix.