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By Rudie Obias | Published

Star Wars ridley scott

Could Ridley Scott have directed a Star Wars film? There was a time when it didn’t seem farfetched. In 2012, the internet was overrun with news about Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, and the (then) newly announced Star Wars movies.

There was massive speculation about who would be involved and which ways the story could go. After all, this was after the prequel trilogies which left fans more than a little annoyed.

And when it wasn’t speculation about who would be involved, it was also a barrage of good and bad Star Wars/Disney Internet memes. Of course, this news also had folks doing some fan-casting or even splicing together footage to show the Star Wars franchise is a new light.

Like this video, which posited the idea of Ridley Scott directing a Star Wars movie. The result is an Alien/Star Wars crossover that really makes you wish Star Wars was this dark and haunting. Check it out.

The mash-up Ridley Scott/ Star Wars trailer was created by Comical Runs, a YouTube comedy duo from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. 

It’s amazing what a little editing and scoring can do to the moving image. This is really fantastic and impressive. The video combines the very best of the original Star Wars trilogy with the Alien franchise. The end product is a perfect match of science fiction and geek fandom.

It almost feels as if Star Wars could have actually gone in this direction in terms of tone. To see Darth Vader confront the Alien Queen with a lightsaber is an inspired choice. Also, the idea that Stormtroopers have good enough aim to kill Xenomorphs is hilarious. No chance, and something that has never been corrected in the Star Wars franchise.

Also remember, it was around this time that Ridley Scott revised the Alien franchise with Prometheus, which had its own polarized response from fans. That movie distanced itself a bit from the previous films, even making what would follow (in terms of timeline) more than a little confusing. Maybe Ridley Scott should have taken over Star Wars after all.

Ridley Scott did stay with a space theme a few more times over the years with The Martian and then Alien: Covenant.

In all, it’s for the best that the sequel trilogy didn’t get Ridley Scott in the director’s chair. Even though the storylines were a bit messy, going a way darker route wouldn’t have been the right move.

Now though, with the Star Wars universe continuing to expand, we’ve been treated to a number of different tones in other stories. Rogue One and then Andor went the straightforward route, though eschewed much of the Jedi and space hijinks in favor of a “down to Earth” story about the Rebel Alliance. No killer aliens storming the ships, but a more serious tone nonetheless.

Heck, maybe one day we’ll see a Star Wars horror film, though it does seem like the franchise would need to be down bad in order to actually try it, Ridley Scott, or not.

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