James Cameron Finally Getting Passion Project Remake Made After Over A Decade

By Brian Myers | Published

At the reception that coincided with the opening of his Paris art show this week, Academy Award-winning director James Cameron revealed to the assembled patrons his intentions to go ahead with his proposed remake of one of his favorite science fiction films. Cameron has long been a fan of the 1966 classic Fantastic Voyage and has been toying with producing his own version for a decade. While the director didn’t offer a solid timeline, he did state that it was something that he and his partner, Jon Landau, were going to begin soon to make their dreams a reality.

A Voyage Like No Other

The science fiction film that James Cameron has been fixated on involves a battle between the Soviet Union and the United States. In Fantastic Voyage, both nations have developed technology that will shrink matter to the size of a microbe, but the shrunken objects will begin to revert to their original size after only an hour. After a Soviet scientist discovers how to make this process permanent, he defects to the United States and is nearly killed in an assassination attempt by a Soviet agent.

The Remake Is In The Best Possible Hands

Though still alive, the Soviet scientist is comatose with a blood clot in his brain that surgeons cannot reach. Using technology to shrink a navy vessel and several scientists, the United States government sends a medical team inside the stricken scientist’s body in hopes that they will reach the clot in time and remove it. With James Cameron’s skill behind the camera and as a screenwriter, you can bet that his proposed version of Fantastic Voyage will be poised to be one of the greatest endeavors of his career.

James Cameron Is One Of The Most Successful Filmmakers Of All Time

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James Cameron has served as one of the greatest science fiction film directors of this era. His work on the 1986 sequel to Alien, Aliens, is considered by many critics to be the best one in the entire franchise. Though his three Oscars were all from the 1998 saga Titanic, Cameron received multiple nominations for both Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water. With other critically acclaimed films like The Abyss and the first two installments of the Terminator films under his belt, it’s easy to imagine how incredible it will be to see Cameron and Landau bring Fantastic Voyage to life.

Will The Avatar Sequels Get In The Way Of Fantasic Voyage’s Release?

James Cameron already has enough on his plate for the near future, which might stall him and Landau getting Fantastic Voyage off the ground. Three additional sequels to Avatar are already in production with Cameron in the director’s chair, and the film The Informationist is currently in development. Should Cameron only work in the capacity of a producer for Fantastic Voyage, it might allow the film to be remade sooner than later.

James Cameron’s Art Show

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With all of James Cameron’s film projects and his dream of remaking Fantastic Voyage aside, the director’s art show in Paris was the real focus that evening. More than 300 paintings, etchings, and other artwork will be on display through January 2025. Each piece has been signed by the Aliens director and are assembled in a manner that makes them a retrospective of his lengthy career.

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