Alien: Isolation’s Final Trailer Terrorizes You In Deep Space

It’s been a long time coming, but Alien: Isolation, the long awaited video game from Creative Assembly that takes players back to the universe first created by Ridley Scott in 1979, drops tomorrow. To mark the occasion, there’s a terrifying new trailer that provides our most comprehensive look at the game yet, and the view is pretty damn impressive.

The most noteworthy thing about this video, aside from how great the game actually looks, is how they capture the tension and the feeling of terror and horror as you’re being hunted by an armor plated alien killing machine through a dark, dank, isolated environment millions of miles from home. If nothing else, this game feels like an Alien movie in the way the dread is overwhelming and chilling. And it doesn’t hurt that the glimpses of xenomorphs will likely send shivers running up the length of your spine.

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Sci-Fi Happy Meals That Are Too Good To Be True

BladeRunnerWhy don’t adults get meals that come with prizes? Some of my favorite rituals from childhood involved being elbow-deep in a box of cereal, feeling around for the prize, or dumping all the food out of my Happy Meal just so I could get to the toy. So how come we don’t get a grown-up equivalent? After-dinner mints and fortune cookies don’t count, damn it. I want to be able to finish my snazzy, five-star meal, and then have the waiter bring me out a Rocket Raccoon action figure on a silver platter. Sadly, I will probably never live in such a world, but at least pretending is a little bit easier thanks to these faux Happy Meals that were ripped right out of my Happy Place.

These awesome fake Happy Meals are the work of Los Angeles digital artist Newt Clements. (He mostly comes out at night. Mostly.) His Pinterest is full of a wide variety of crazy projects, but his Happy Meals collection is one of the most extensive. He’s got over 100 of the things by my count, and they’re all incredibly well done. Designing Happy Meal boxes to tie into Doctor Who, Aliens, or Escape from New York would have been worthy of a story in and of itself, but Clements goes the extra mile by imagining what toys might be included with each meal as well. And I don’t care what bounty McDonald’s has on offer, there’s no way it’s cooler than an action figure of Firefly’s River standing atop a pile of Reaver corpses.

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Alien: Isolation Challenges You To Make It Through Survivor Mode

After being on the way seemingly forever, Creative Assembly is finally only a few weeks away from dropping their new video game, Alien: Isolation, into your eager, waiting laps. Aside from the setting and overall set up, there are a number of things that make this game unique, and this new featurette highlights one of them: Survivor Mode.

Not only does the gameplay in this video look fantastic, but at the CA offices, when the designers were testing and playing the game, they started to notice that everyone had their own strategy they employed. Some played the game fast and loud, making as much progress as they could before hiding from the xenomorphs. On the other hand, some were stealthier in their approach, quietly sneaking through each mission, avoiding conflict and dicey situations.

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Alien: Isolation Trailer Offers You No Escape

It feels like it has been coming forever, but as each day passes we get one small step closer to getting our hands on Alien: Isolation, the upcoming new video game that returns us to the universe first unveiled by Ridley Scott in 1979. Let’s just hope it doesn’t disappoint everyone like Prometheus did in 2012. Creative Assembly drops the game into your expectant little hands on October 7, but to keep you occupied until then, they’ve delivered this new game play trailer titled “No Escape,” for good reason.

If you’ve seen any of the movies set in this particular cinematic world, you should already know that running rarely work—then again, fighting doesn’t pan out all that well either, unless you’re Sigourney Weaver, then things work out on occasion. And that futility is on full display here in this short video. More than your average run of the mill trailer, this is really just a single uninterrupted shot from the player’s point of view, and it illustrates, in very graphic terms, exactly what can happen to you in this game.

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Can We Sniff Out Alien Life? Some Scientists Think So

smelloscopeScientists have been searching for extraterrestrial life for some time now, and various individuals and organizations have made different predictions regarding when we might actually find something: in the next century, by 2040, right now. It’s incredibly difficult to believe that humans are the only intelligent (your mileage may vary when it comes to the usage of that term) life forms in the infinite universe, but finding the others is another matter entirely.

The Fermi Paradox teases out this line of thought: given how likely it is that life does exist somewhere out there, how come we haven’t been able to gather any actual evidence of it? Why aren’t aliens making contact with us? Is it because we’re too stupid, as Neil deGrasse Tyson suggests, or because of the sheer distances that separate us from our galactic neighbors? Whatever the answer, you can rest assured that scientists won’t stop looking for alien life, and one possible way of doing so is by sniffing out the unique chemicals that comprise the atmospheres of inhabited planets.

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Prometheus: Fire And Stone Trailer Sets Up Epic Comics Crossover

We’ve been hugely excited about Dark Horse’s upcoming Fire and Stone mega-event for months now, and the newest trailer for the series is only making it worse. Launching in September, Prometheus: Fire and Stone will kick off a multi-series shared storyline that will dive deep into the shared mythology of the Aliens, Predator, and Prometheus franchises. Those worlds have all been linked to varying degrees on the big screen, but Fire and Stone is set to explore the connections more thoroughly than ever before. If you haven’t already, check out the Prometheus: Fire and Stone trailer up top before we go any further.

After the first issue of of Prometheus: Fire and Stone launches in September, the four other series will unfold with an issue per week, setting up an eight-week cycle of the Prometheus book, the Aliens book, the Alien vs. Predator title, and Predator: Fire and Stone. While each of the four series will have its own storyline, characters and events from each will overlap each other, creating a larger narrative structure that will culminate in a standalone wrap-up issue after they’ve all completed their runs.

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