Massive UFO Spotted At Iconic Colorado Venue

By TeeJay Small | Published

ufo red rocks

UFO sightings have been a major hot-button issue in recent years, with military declassification essentially confirming that unidentified vessels have been spotted performing otherworldly acts of flight within our very skies. Now, according to a report in Newsweek, a massive UFO has been spotted in Colorado, hovering above the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Employees of the historic venue, which has housed such acts as Jimi Hendrix, John Denver, Stevie Wonder, and many more, reported these claims to the National UFO Reporting Center, though it seems unlikely that we’ll ever learn its true nature.

The Sighting


The craft was spotted during the evening of June 5, the very same night that Wyoming-born country artist Ian Munsick was set to perform. According to those who witnessed the UFO at the Red Rocks, the object was roughly the size of a three-story high office building, making it impossible to miss as it hovered silently over the natural peaks of the colorful mountains.

Over a dozen employees began taking notice of the disc-shaped flying object as it floated, before it disappeared entirely in the blink of an eye.

Multiple Witnesses

While skeptics may be quick to roll out the usual suggestions about the origins of the UFO, this event at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre was witnessed and confirmed by multiple people.

This essentially rules out the possibility of the object being a hallucination caused by the venue’s lighting, or one disgruntled stage manager’s dehydrated delusions. Descriptions of the object are quite specific and agreed upon by multiple parties.

Why Red Rocks?

ufo red rocks

Depending on how much you buy into the concept of aliens and other UFO conspiracies, there could be a myriad of reasons why extraterrestrial creatures may have wanted to take a field trip to the red rocks. Perhaps they wanted to take in some of the breathtaking scenery between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, or missed their chance to secure tickets before Ian Munsick’s big night.

Maybe the aliens were even in attendance at the venue to plant a fresh batch of dinosaur bones in the rocky terrain, which is known to have plentiful fossil records.

The Reports

ufo red rocks

Following the UFO reports, Newsweek attempted to get a direct statement from officials at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, though the venue has not yet responded. Still, multiple employees have provided quotes to the media regarding what they saw, describing the disc-shaped object as having tons of illuminated windows lined up in a row, and hovering about 100 yards above the soil.

Alien Rock Bands

For now, it seems that the unidentified flying object may never be fully understood, as it only remained visible to witnesses for a few moments. Of course, there’s theoretically a possibility that it could pop up again, especially if the Amphitheatre courts more interstellar music acts such as Alien Ant Farm, 30 Seconds To Mars, or The Neptunes in the coming months.

Either way, patrons of the venue should be sure to spend their next few concerts glancing into the sky in search of UFOs above the red rocks in between songs.

Source: Newsweek