Create Your Own Terminator EndoSkull From Items Found At A Dollar Store

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Have you ever wanted your own Endoskeleton Skull from the movie Terminator but didn’t want to pay so much for it? Well, this video is just what you’re looking for. James Bruton of Southampton, UK created his own Terminator EndoSkull with items he bought at a local dollar store. This is an impressive piece of craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity to build something like this out of plastic bowls and cheap speakers.

Bruton has already created an Arc Reactor prop from the movie Iron Man out of items from a dollar store and now has turned his attention to building a Terminator EndoSkull. On his website, he goes step by step of how he created this movie prop so you can build one of your own. He does “cheat” a little bit by using a half of a toy pirate skull he bought in the discount bin at his local grocery store but from the looks of what he created, it’s fine.

One of the best things Bruton created with the Terminator EndoSkull is that it actually works. You can plug in the EndoSkull and its eyes will light up with a menacing red glow.

Bruton has also created full Iron Man and War Machine mech suits, an R2-D2 and C-3PO replicas (not from items from a dollar store) and various working robots he uses around his home in the UK. He has made it easier for anyone to build a robot without having a degree in computer science or a hefty bank account.

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