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  • Created By: James Cameron
  • Launched On: October 26, 1984
  • Owner: StudioCanal
TERMINATOR ACTORS Arnold Schwarzenegger Edward Furlong Bill Paxton Christian Bale Bryce Dallas Howard Sam Worthington Emilia Clarke Summer Glau Lena Headey Matt Smith

Latest Terminator News

sarah and john connor

Terminator 5 Is Looking To Cast Sarah And John Connor

Annapurna Pictures, Skydance Productions, and Paramount Pictures are looking to reboot the Terminator film series, with Terminator 5 kicking off …

10 years ago

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? And Terminator 2 Live On Stage

Stage shows based on popular movies are always a good idea. We’re not talking about big time productions, like The …

10 years ago


Terminator 5 Picks Up Thor: Dark World Director

A few months ago, Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures and her brother David Ellison’s Skydance Productions announced that Terminator 5 would …

10 years ago

The Predator, The Terminator, And ED-209 Pose For New Mondo Posters

That headline might read like the introduction to a bad joke, but instead it’s the setup for a new art …

11 years ago

Terminator 3 Featurette Showcases The T1-9 Robots

While we’re patiently awaiting Terminator 5 in 2015, why not take a look back at when the film series started …

11 years ago

Another Terminator Sequel Happening?

Recently, a man appeared – a man who spoke of a future where man and machine had become one, and …

11 years ago

LEGO Terminator

This LEGO Terminator Was Sent Back In Time To Kick Ass

Who knew that all of those hours you spent playing with stackable plastic blocks as a child may have been …

11 years ago

James Cameron Sold His Terminator Script For One Dollar While Living In His Car

Between his voyages to the bottom of the sea and dominating the highest-grossing films of all time, it’s easy to …

11 years ago

Terminator Fan Poster Is Retro Awesomeness

James Cameron’s The Terminator has inspired an endless parade of parodies, references, and rip-offs over the years. But of all …

11 years ago

Starstruck: The Ten Best Romances In Sci-Fi Film & TV

Because everything’s better in space, even romance.

11 years ago

High School Principal Suspended For Impersonating The Terminator

In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, it’s understandable that educators and parents alike might be a little sensitive …

11 years ago

The New Terminator Films Have Found A New Producer

The road to new Terminator movies has been a bumpy one, full of traffic jams and detours. But now, nearly …

11 years ago

Cambridge University To Establish A Center For Terminator Studies

We all know that big movies have a wide-ranging cultural impact. From everyone and their uncles quoting Pulp Fiction, to …

11 years ago

Will The Terminator Series Get A Reboot?

Yesterday, somehow getting lost in the shuffle of Disney/LucasFilm news, a lonely tweet popped up from the official Annapurna Pictures …

11 years ago

Radio-Controlled Terminator Hunter-Killer Drone Is Nearly As Cool As The Real Thing

The aerial Hunter-Killer (HK) drones in Terminator are an eerie, sinister enemy of mankind. The way they hover around, blasting …

11 years ago

Schwarzenegger Almost Flubbed His Most Famous Line

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a true icon. There’s an obvious statement. He’s starred in a laundry list of blockbuster action, science …

11 years ago

Create Your Own Terminator EndoSkull From Items Found At A Dollar Store

Have you ever wanted your own Endoskeleton Skull from the movie Terminator but didn’t want to pay so much for …

12 years ago

Rumor Of The Day: Schwarzenegger To Appear In Two More Terminator Films

I remember, years ago, reading an interview with Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner where he said something to …

12 years ago

time machine back to the future

Listen To The 20 Best Sci-Fi Movie Orchestral Scores Of All Time

Science fiction fires the musical imaginations of composers unlike almost any other genre.

Flying Robots Built A Tower, Bring On The Robopocalypse

As you might guess, we’re big fans of robots here at GFR. Big robots, little robots, real robots, fantastical robots. …

12 years ago

James Cameron Played The T-1000 And The Alien Queen

A lot of Hollywood directors make cameos in their film. Hitchcock was a master at working himself into his films …

12 years ago

Terminator Salvation Review: Really? That’s Skynet’s Plan?

Terminator Salvation is an entertaining film, as long as you don’t think about it. The special effects are splashy the …

15 years ago