Alien, Terminator & Mad Max Blu-Ray Box Sets Are Stupid Cheap Today

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

AlienPrometheusYou there! Are you wearing pants? Do those pants have pockets? If so, is it possible one or more of those pockets might contain twenty bucks? Well, thank your lucky stars that you decided to cover your shame today, buddy, because that twenty bucks could get you Blu-ray collections of the Alien, Terminator, or Mad Max films — that’s one hell of a deal.

First up is the outstanding Alien Anthology Blu-ray set, a must-have for any Alien fan, which bundles multiple versions of all four films together with a ridiculous amount of bonus features. The fact that this thing is going for $20 is insane, and if you hadn’t ever bought it, congratulations, you’ve just mastered the art of the steal. To make things even crazier, your $20 will also get you a copy of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus — as with the third and fourth Alien films, it’s not nearly as good a film as the original Alien and Aliens, but some people love it and, if nothing else, it’s a visually gorgeous film that looks amazing in high-def. Just consider it a cherry on top of the delicious ice cream sundae that is getting the Alien Anthology for nearly 80% off list price. The Anthology bonus features listing is nearly 1,000 words long and we’ve got over stuff to cover here, so just click over to Amazon and purchase/peruse at your leisure.


If you’re more of a “time traveling marauding cyborgs” kind of a guy, Best Buy has got the Blu-ray version of the Terminator Anthology going for, yup, $20. That will net you all four of the Terminator films, giving you a perfect excuse to rewatch them all as we inch ever closer to the time-hopping release of Terminator: Genesis in July 2015. As with the Alien Anthology, you’re getting two undisputed classics and two films that are, at best, a mixed bag. Still, $20 would be a great price even if you were only getting Terminator and T2, so it’s win-win. The Terminator Anthology also packs in a ton of bonus features, so it’s a perfect way to grab the whole series if you never got around to upgrading to high-def.


Last but not least — okay, least in my estimation, but that’s only because it’s having to follow the Alien and Terminator franchises — is the Mad Max Trilogy (Limited Edition) on Blu-Ray, also available from Best Buy today for a mere $19.99. This one isn’t quite the monolith of awesome that the previous two are, if for no other reason than that it contains only a fraction of the amount of bonus content. Still, you get Mad Max, The Road Warrior, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome for less than the price of some single Blu-ray releases, so that’s a deal any post-apocalyptic scavenger would be proud of. Assuming they could also find a TV. And some electricity. Here’s what you’ll get, in addition to the films:

  • Introduction by Leonard Maltin
  • Mad Max — Commentary by Jon Dowding, David Eggby, Chris Murray and Tim Ridge
  • Mad Max: The Film Phenomenon Featurette
  • The Road Warrior — Special Features: Commentary by Director George Miller and Cinematographer Dean Semler
  • Theatrical Trailer

As with the Terminator franchise, Mad Max is planning a return in the not-too-distant future, with a video game due in 2015 and a new movie — Mad Max: Fury Road — hitting theaters on May 15, 2015, with Tom Hardy taking over as the titular Max.

So there you go, folks: three perfect Father’s Day presents, or just nice little pats on the back for your own fine self. Have at ‘em!